Banana Blunder Sees Emily Leave Comp

Emily Loo becomes the fifth person to leave the MasterChef kitchen

Emily Loo has left MasterChef Australia.

The 31-year-old resort sales coordinator from Queensland found herself facing off against nine other contestants in a gruelling, three-part elimination challenge.

After two knock-out rounds with limited ingredients, Emily found herself up against Sean and Steven in the third and final round, with just 10 minutes and 3 ingredients to create the perfect dish.

Emily chose banana and panko breadcrumbs but panicked when she realised that there were no eggs, choosing instead to substitute them for sweetened condensed milk.

Her fellow contestants squirmed as Emily fried the banana slices before coating them in her special panko paste and the judges unanimously slammed the dish, labelling it as too "starchy".

Since leaving MasterChef, Emily has begun an apprenticeship at Black Bird Bar & Grill in Brisbane and is also running weekly traditional Asian cuisine cooking classes at Vanilla Zulu cooking school.