Autumn Whats in season

Let the seasons dictate what you put on your plate...

Why? It’s a good idea to eat food that’s in season for more than one reason. Seasonal produce is more likely to have been sourced locally, rather than being shipped from the other side of the world. This means that you can support your local farmers, reduce your carbon foot print and gobble up grub that tastes infinitely more delicious.

Who? During last year’s MasterChef, Gary Mehigan said that they make an “enormous effort” to use seasonal produce on the show, adding: “We often talk about sustainability, respect for our produce [and] seasonality for the home cook.” MasterChef regular Stephanie Alexander and past contestant Fiona Inglis have also preached on the value of throwing seasonal produce into your culinary creations.

Where? Supermarkets tend to have a mixture of both locally-sourced seasonal products and imported, non-seasonal ingredients on offer. If you visit your local farmer’s market, you’re more likely to find purely seasonal fodder.

What? Enjoy the following seasonal foods in Australia at this time of year:

Vegetables Snow pea Bean Sweetcorn Tomato Turnip Zucchini Beetroot Spring onion Asparagus Cabbage Pumpkin Carrot Potato Eggplant Lettuce

Fruits Apple Fig Lemon Lime Peach Persimmon Grape Kiwi Plum Watermelon Nectarine Pear Quince

Nuts Chestnut Peanut Walnut

Seafood Blue swimmer crab Coral trout Marron Sea mullet Tuna

Cheese Aged cheddar Washed rind Mature goat’s cheese

Herbs Coriander Sage Marjoram