'A Mic Drop Situation': Kishwar's Curry Risk Pays Off In Service Challenge

The pro chefs at Lucy Liu had the advantage in Wednesday night's service challenge but the MasterChef contestants didn't let that slow them down.

Lucy Liu's Head chef Jenna North and her team faced off against the Red Team made up of Kishwar, Tom, Aaron and Brent. But before the challenge began, the judges revealed the twist of the night.

Jock explained that each challenge has featured a 'critical choice' of some kind - be it the cuisine or featured ingredient - and on Wednesday it was all about the pantry.

Whichever team won the coin toss would win the ability to decide between one of two pantries, one full of Eastern ingredients and the other full of European ones.

The team at Lucy Liu specialise in a range of Asian cuisine, so once they won the coin toss it was no surprise that they immediately picked the pantry featuring Eastern ingredients, leaving the contestants with the European pantry.

Seeing oxtail in the European pantry, Kishwar's mind immediately went to creating a curry. Despite concerns from the team that she may not have the spices often associated with South Asian curries, Kishwar knew the pantry would have the essential spices for a black curry.

"Let's go North African... this is not a fresh Asian curry," Kishwar said adding later that "it would be ridiculous to try and do a fresh Asian curry" in the challenge, knowing that they were missing the fresh herbs and aromatics found in the Eastern pantry.

Using a spice mix that combined cumin, coriander, cinnamon, peppercorns, cardamon, cloves and nutmeg, the red team were able to create a rich base which just continued to develop in flavour as it stewed with the oxtail.

The Red Team pushed themselves, serving up stuffed zucchini flowers and a seven-layer berry entremet alongside the curry and, though each course had time-consuming elements that put the team at risk of falling behind, they managed to really impress the judges, but the main really blew them away.

MasterChef Australia 2021 Lucy Liu restaurant kishwar curry
Though time was ticking away, Kishwar also managed to knock up fresh flatbread to pair with the red team's North African black curry.

"I think the people that might think a curry is a curry have not tasted a curry that has been mastered," Mel said after tasting the dish.

"As far as that dish goes, it's a mic drop situation," Jock agreed.

At the end of the challenge, though Tom's risky technical dessert fell slightly short, the Red Team's entree and main were celebrated by the judges and Kishwar's curry was hailed as lip-smackingly perfect; scoring the Red Team immunity from the next elimination cook.

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