7 Things You Missed From Grand Finale Week

As MasterChef Season 11 came to an end, the contestants pushed themselves to get to the finish line.

1. Double Duels

Five contestants became four after the double-duel elimination challenge kick-started the week. Round one saw the contestants split into two teams, and the winner from each team joined Larissa in the semi-finals. Those with least impressive dishes would cook it out in the second round, and the least impressive dish would send its creator home.

2. Steamy Pressure Test

This year’s semi-final wasn’t what you’d expect. For the first time, it wasn’t a service challenge but a Pressure Test that the contestants had to push through. Believe us when we say it was DIFFICULT. The one and only Peter Gilmore created a White Coral Dessert, which ultimately sent another contestant home.

3. Emotional Endings

We hate seeing our favourites go home every week and this time was no exception. Absolute legends in the kitchen, Nicole and Tim walked out the MasterChef doors with their heads held high, and we’re so proud of what they’ve accomplished!

4. The Final Three

And then there were three. Tessa, Simon and Larissa battled it out for the MasterChef Trophy!

5. Officially the End

MasterChef Season 11 came to an epic conclusion with 30 top chefs enjoying a three-course meal created by the contestants. They needed to be at their absolute best to stand out, and who better to support them in their final cook than their family!

6. Tie Breaker

If you weren't already on the edge of your seat... following the entree, the girls both got a score of 27. There was everything to play for.

7. And the winner was...

It was very close, but the winner was... LARISSA! Getting three 10s for dessert, our youngest ever winner took out the MasterChef trophy and drove away in her new car, a quarter of a million dollars richer. She definitely deserved it!