6 Things You Missed From Week 10

From exhilarating highs to exasperating lows, the contestants prospered through the week and served up some top quality dishes!

1. The Past Mystery Boxes Returned!

It may have looked like a normal Mystery Box challenge, but it wasn’t. From the Dumpling Box to Heston’s Dessert Box, each contestant was given a past Mystery Box which they needed to recreate and improve.

2. Reinventing Memories

There’s nothing better than indulging in a dish that transports you to a moment in time and that’s exactly what the judges wanted from the contestants. They needed to tell a story through flavours and only the best dishes would avoid the pressure test.

3. Kirsten Tibballs Brought the Pressure

World Champion Chocolatier Kirsten Tibballs sent the contestants into an apple twist with her complex Apple Pie which required insane detail, razor sharp technique, and precision.

4. Larissa: The Child of the Corn

Guest Chef Adam D'Sylva entered the MasterChef kitchen for his fourth Immunity Challenge with the intent to keep his winning streak. But after Larissa’s strategic selection of ingredients, he felt like he was in a horror movie full of corn, corn and yep… more corn.

5. Q-Train Challenge

Four contestants were on track to safety while the other four fell off the rails in the Team Challenge. Featuring one local piece of produce in their dishes, each team served a four-course meal to 30 diners to enjoy while on a Q-train.

6. Auction For Time

What’s more important than money? Time. Especially in the MasterChef kitchen. For the elimination challenge, the contestants auction their cooking time for the ingredients they want to cook with and its a lot tougher than it looks.