7 Things You Missed from WA Week

This week, the contestants went on the culinary journey of a lifetime as they cooked up some of the best dishes seen so far in the competition.

1. Food Sports

Who says you can’t cook in a stadium, especially one as grand as Western Australia’s Optus Stadium? The contestants tackled a nine-ingredient Mystery Box Challenge where Anushka ran straight across the field and scored a touchdown, serving up the tastiest and prettiest dish.

2. Surf and Turf 2.0

The brief was simple: recreate a surf and turf dish which is elegant and sophisticated, with a pinch of inventiveness. Tessa dove in and smashed the brief, delivering a Surf and Turf 10.0, one of the best dishes of the year.

3. Wildflower

Matthew Sartori, head chef of one of the best fine-dining restaurants in Western Australia, joined the contestants as they created a five-course meal for Wildflower diners.

4. Bees, Bees and more Bees

Cooking outdoors can be a challenge, but not for the reasons you would expect. Never cook with honey in a garden because much like Nicole, you’ll soon find yourself swatting bees away.

5. Golden Ticket to the Finals

Nicole is the first through to Finals Week. From being swarmed by bees to being the underdog in round 2, she came through and took the first spot.

6. Forest Team Challenge

The forest is full of fresh produce and beautiful views, so to create a dish inspired by it shouldn’t be too hard, right? Dan Gedge joined the contestants as they fought to avoid elimination.

7. Double Dish Elimination

Head Chef Santiago Fernandez set a difficult task for Christina and Tim in the elimination challenge where they had to recreate not only one, but TWO of his extremely complex dishes. To make it even harder, they had to make them at the same time.