5 Things You Missed From Best of The Best Week

From the finest ingredients, to Massimo Bottura, Best of the Best Week only saw the best cooking, best guests and best dishes!

1. Iconic Ingredients

There’s no better way to kick-off Best of the Best Week than to have the most iconic Aussie ingredients in the kitchen. Nothing screams “Australia” more than Vegemite, Milo and tomato sauce. Yum.

2. Tessa vs Phil

Tessa was so close to making MasterChef history as she set foot into her third Immunity Challenge, having already earned two pins. It was a tough competition as she had to cook-off against culinary beast Phil Wood. If that weren’t intimidating enough, he ran away with her pots in the middle of their cook!

3. Tears, Tears and More Tears

In Episode 43, two teams had to serve up a four-course meal for some very special guests. Little did they know, they would be serving for their friends, family and loved ones. Let’s just say there were tears EVERYWHERE.

4. Gary Mehigan Left Abandoned

While everyone decided to hug, cry and catch-up with their loved ones, the contestants left poor Gary by himself in the kitchen.

5. Massimo Bottura

The pressure was on for Simon, Anushka, Ben, Tati and Larissa as they had to cook for Massimo Bottura, owner of the best restaurant in the world. There was loads of excitement in the room - from Larissa asking for Massimo’s autograph, to Nicole claiming she would name her dog Massimo. We also discovered that no matter how much Massimo persuaded Anushka to use bananas in her dish, she really doesn’t like bananas.