Making It Australia 2021: George Buchanan Crowned Master Maker In Grand Finale

On Saturday night, the winner of Making It Australia was crowned with the final patch.

After an incredible season and a handful of extraordinary challenges, George earned the title of Master Maker, winning the season with her pop-up party.

“It was really tough work, a really hard slog, but it was also just the funnest thing I’ve ever done in my life,” George told 10 play, adding, “and I’ve done a lot of fun things!”

While her skills as a prop maker seemed to prepare her for any challenge the judges may throw her way, George said initially she had no plans of applying for the show at all.

“I was bombarded with messages from friends saying, ‘You should apply for this! You’ll win it! This is you in a nutshell!’ After about the 20th time I was like okay, I’ll do it,” she said.

“I applied in secret because I didn’t know if I’d get in! I kept it a complete secret from everybody.”

Running her own small business, George said she’s used to pulling 16-hour shifts on the regular, turning around projects for clients under pressure and within time constraints, so diving into the competition felt familiar enough in that respect.

Throughout the competition George wowed the judges with her creations, presenting projects that incorporated a sense of whimsy with the natural world.

“It’s a thing that has occurred, and I don’t know exactly why, but it organically happened to me and I think people really respond to the natural world because we’re all part of planet Earth.

“What I’ve done is create interactive installations and things that spark joy,” she said, adding, “If I’m getting a giggle out of the thing I’m making then it’s more fun to make! If I think it’s going to create joy or get people laughing then it’s much more enjoyable to make, you know?”

Having had her work feature in VIVID and be seen by thousands of people, George was used to the judgements of everyday audiences, but presenting her work to the Making It judges each week was a different experience, one she admitted was “a bit unnerving”.

As she gained momentum in the competition, George continued to amass challenge wins, culminating in two back-to-back episodes of double wins (including the all-important finale win).

“I cried when I got my patch for the money box,” she said, admitting that when Will had left the competition it had thrown her. “I just burst into tears, and then I kept winning patches after that and it was just a very big blur and a shock at that stage!

“We really didn’t know who was going to win. Again, I probably broke down, I can’t remember... I have no idea what I said!”

Winning the $100,000, the final patch and the title of Master Maker, George also said she came away from the competition with 12 beautiful lifelong friends.

“Our differences were what made us get along so well. I don’t think the casting team really understood how well they cast us all!”

Despite it being a competition, George said the atmosphere between the Makers couldn’t have been more joyous, helping each other brainstorm for challenges and giving tips on how to execute different aspects of their crafts.

“We really wanted to see each other succeed, and I think that shows in the art world anyway. With creatives and people who do craft or art, it’s not a competitive world.

“We are all very supportive of one another. It’s a big, friendly community and we really care about each other’s work and we're supportive of each other’s successes.”

After her win, George said her advice for anyone inspired to dive into the world of making is simple.

“I learned from mistakes. I make mistakes all the time! I work in a professional field doing this kind of stuff and I f**k up all the time,” she added with a big laugh.

“You need to experiment and not be afraid to make mistakes, that's how you learn. If you eradicate that fear and learn from those mistakes then you’ll get better and better and more confident. Keep at it and don’t be afraid!”

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