‘It Was Pretty Unreal’: Will Thomson Reflects On His Time On Making It Australia

The woodworking wizard was the latest Maker to be eliminated from the Making It barn.

After the judges set our remaining Makers another Mega Craft Challenge to design their own shed, Will’s characteristic woodwork and clean finishes weren’t enough to win the judges over, making him the latest Maker to be eliminated.

Chatting to 10 play following his elimination Will said being in the competition was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

“I was interested to work with and be involved with other creative people, which I definitely was,” Will continued. “That was a pretty big driving factor, to see and be involved with other creative people and people from around the country and different backgrounds.”

From the very first day of the competition the Makers became a tight-knit family. “Nobody had any tiffs or dramas, it was awesome,” Will added.

“We all got along and we all understood each other and how each other worked. It was pretty unreal.”

Will’s love of crafting and creating came from his dad, a boilermaker by trade, who early on encouraged Will to work with his hands.

“Working on the car and motorbike, stuff like that. He brought me into it and I went on and found things that I enjoyed, and made stuff that I enjoyed making — functional pieces,” Will explained.

“Everything on the show, I hoped that it was more of a functional item than just a piece of art. Not just a stagnant piece… I’m not an artist by trade. I didn’t go to art school, I’m a tradie, it’s not my trade to make art,” he said.

“That was a little bit challenging for me, coming into a creative, artistic realm, but I put my own spin on it and made stuff that was functional, that would work. My trade is about problem-solving and basically, a challenge is a problem.”

And while some would be intimidated offering up their creations to the judges, Will admitted it was probably his favourite part of the competition.

“That was the time where you could see everyone else’s projects because when you’re working you’re just focused on doing your own thing, your own work, and being able to see what everyone else did — being able to share it and get awesome feedback. I got some amazing feedback from the judges.”

But the real takeaway was the experience of being in the barn with so many other talented creatives.

“Meeting other like-minded people really opened up my eyes,” Will said. “Seeing how they work, what they make and how they do it… how their brains are wired!

“It definitely opened up my eyes in terms of what I can make, what I’m capable of and what I can do within time constraints. It was awesome.”

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