Crochet Royalty Phil Ferguson Recaps ‘Making It Australia’ With The Crafter Show

Each week the Australian Survivor Brains V Brawn alum is diving into the crafty challenges of Making It with special guests.

Fresh from their stint in the Aussie outback, Phil jumped straight into the Making It barn to follow along with all the crafty action, each week welcoming special guests from the crafting world (and some fellow Survivor friends).

“I grew up in southwest WA, I grew up in the country so the idea of craft has always been around,” Phil told 10 play. “I grew up around sewing machines, yarn, knitting needles, cross-stitch, all that sort of stuff.

“There was never a point in my life where that wasn’t a possibility of things to do. I was always the ‘art kid’ at school.”

Phil’s incredible crochet creations saw them go viral, amassing over 130,000 followers and was even featured on Instagram’s own account.

“I taught myself to crochet from YouTube probably 10 years ago now,” Phil said, adding, “I just want to make things!

“I’m very much a process person, in any form, so if somebody says they’re a singer, a musician, an actor, a chef or whatever I like hearing about their process — going from point A to point B — there’s something about that I genuinely like.”

On top of that, there’s the therapeutic element to crocheting and creating for Phil that has always been appealing.

“It’s nice to just have a moment to be one with what you’re doing and having an end result come out of it, it’s an amazing feeling. There’s just something about it,” they said.

With Making It launching a few weeks ago, Phil was excited to see the crafting world of Australia celebrated with 13 talented Makers competing for the top prize. Each episode the Makers are tasked with a Faster Craft and a Master Craft, and must turn around incredible creations within time limits that fit that week’s briefs.

Joined by guests each week, Phil unpacks the episode and shares their own ideas on what they would have created within that brief, as well as reflecting on the top creations of that episode.

“Australia definitely has a specific perspective on craft so to have a show that champions it in a way that it can be elevated to the same levels of great cooking or great singing, it’s great to have that opportunity,” Phil said.

“The reality is all craft has the potential to go further and people at home don’t generally get to see that,” they continued.

“When you do see a window display at a store or props on TV, people had to make those things, they didn’t just appear in that form!

“For viewers to have that perspective on craft and see the range of what’s possible, I think that’s an amazing thing, especially for Australia.”

So far, Phil has had a range of incredible guests join them on The Crafter Show including fellow Australian Survivor alum Fenella McGowan, artists Rachel Burke, Jeff McCann and Kitiya Palaskas, with many more to come.

“Basically everybody who I have had on the show so far have been people I met through my Instagram, through crafting over the years,” Phil said.

“Everybody is part of the same sort of bubble of the crafty world, we all reach out and connect with one another because the craft world is only so small!”

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