MacGyver: Extraordinary Feats Using Everyday Objects

MacGyver ought to make himself a Pinterest account because he’s the ultimate DIY guy. A hint of Houdini, a smidgeon of Sherlock, young Mac has a motto: “It’s no fun if it’s too easy”. So if you’ve ever wondered how he accomplishes the impossible with the easily attainable, look no further than these five feats of improvisational brilliance.

Warning: Do not attempt these at home. Seriously.

How to…. bust out of a maximum security prison
Liberating a notorious drug kingpin from jail requires a combustible solution, so after snatching a radio battery from a guard, MacGyver mixes salty prison food with water to make hydrogen and adds batteries. The result: a deafening explosion that grants the pair their freedom, but only after a marathon sprint. 

macgyver tenplay

Required: Batteries and salt.

How to… patch-up a sabotaged train
In a frantic attempt to separate the cars of a train headed for chaos, Mac improvises like a pro by extracting magnesium from the rust of an armrest, applying it to a curtain rod, and using this make-shift heating tool to extricate the imperilled passengers. That he also manages to jam a gun with a toothpick only elevates his hero status.

macgyver tenplay

Required: An armrest, a curtain rod and a toothpick.

How to… fashion a parachute to escape a bomb blast
A little bit of insanity, some considerable bravery, and a trusty Swiss army knife combine to spare MacGyver from a fiery fate. Big Mac fashions his canopy from the canvas sidings of a truck, secured by tie downs. Its resulting deployment buries the needle on the insanity scale, and yet he still manages to escape with a smile and barely a hair out of place.

macgyver tenplay

Required: A Swiss army knife, truck canvas and tie-downs.

How to… distract enemies to get out of trouble
MacGyver doesn’t do diversions by halves, so when a bioweapon resurfaces and he needs to remove himself from a sticky situation, he sets off a fire alarm with a frothy broth of ammonia, chlorine and tin foil and flees the scene. Genius.

MacGyver, season 1, channel ten

Required: Aluminium, ammonia and chlorine. 

How to… make a DIY electromagnet to obtain a potential bio weapon
MacGyver is known for his magnetism, but in this case takes it a step further by forging an electromagnet to interfere with the security coms at a party. Mac’s not the most polite of guests, stealing a handful of household items in the construction process, but given his efforts spare the world from catching a lethal case of the sniffles, no jury in the land would convict him.

Required: Copper wire, a battery and a metal rod.

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