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What To Expect In The New Season Of Junior MasterChef

It’s been a decade since 20 mini MasterChef’s graced our screens with insane talent, big smiles and jaw-dropping dishes.

Now, Junior MasterChef is returning on a whole new level so get ready to learn a thing or two from these aspiring cooks.

New Decade, New Judges

Name a more iconic trio, we dare you.

Melissa Leong, Andy Allen and Jock Zonfrillo don’t just have familiar faces; they’re the experienced, knowledgeable and talented judges from MasterChef Australia: Back To Win that we are ALL obsessed with!

They will be serving advice, constructive criticism and motivation during their time as judges on Junior MasterChef and we already know the kids are going to LOVE them – how could you not?

A Great Bunch

There is an INSANE amount of talent among the 14 contestants this season, and all of them have grown up watching their idols cook-off in the exact kitchen they’ll be entering.

Based off the contestant’s bios, we can expect a celebration of diversity with various cultural cuisines, including Italian, Asian, Indian and Turkish, to Egyptian, French, Sri Lankan and Vietnamese.

Have we mentioned that the juniors are all between the ages of 9 – 14? Just let that sink in.

All The Best Challenges Are Back Too

Unsure about how the season will flow? We can confirm that everyone’s favourite MasterChef challenges will also feature on the Junior version.

First up is the Mystery Box Challenge, which gets everyone thinking outside of the box - experimenting with weird flavor combinations, and resulting in the growth of grey hairs because it’s stressful. The judges fill a box with various ingredients and the contestants must make a dish using only what they are given in the box (plus staple ingredients from the pantry, like milk and flour).

The top dishes from this challenge will take their creators through to the Immunity Challenge, where they must cook against each other to win a chance to bang the Immunity Gong (how fun!), which will give them the choice to opt out of a future elimination.

Then comes Elimination, where all contestants without immunity are sent into two rounds. Round one is typically a blind taste test, and round two is a cook-off. Unlike MasterChef Australia, multiple contestants will be sent home at a time.

And finally, the Pressure Test, where super sophisticated and experienced guest chefs with seriously intricate dishes join the fun. The contestants must recreate their dishes and the ones with the best duplicate are safe.

Surprise Guest Chefs

No spoilers here, but GET PUMPED because there are going to be some very exciting guest chefs making an appearance this season.

Changes To The MasterChef Kitchen

Those with a keen eye will notice some "small" and fun changes to the MasterChef kitchen to cater for the mini MasterChefs. The world-famous MasterChef red vespa has been replaced by a gorgeous red pushbike and the wine decanter room has had a mini makeover and will now feature books.

How Has COVID-19 Impacted?

Filming a TV show during a world pandemic is tough work, especially when Melbourne is under Stage 4 COVID-19 restrictions.

But don’t fear, because all COVID-19 government advice was strictly adhered to, both on set and behind the scenes to ensure everyone’s health and safety.

Be prepared to witness social distancing at its finest, emotional farewells without hugging (again) and probably litres of hand sanitiser. Good hygiene is key.

When Can We Expect It?

Junior MasterChef will be on at 7:30pm, three days a week on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. For more information or to have more questions answered, head over to our FAQS page.

Junior MasterChef Australia premieres 7.30 Sunday, October 11 on 10 and 10 play