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Nine Moments That Made Us Fall More In Love With The Mini MasterChefs

If you’ve been watching Junior MasterChef, you already know it’s the most wholesome show on TV and has everything we need during a year like 2020.

With top-quality dishes and life advice from wise 10-year-olds, hilarious one-liners and brutally honest remarks, here are all the iconic moments that will go down in Junior MasterChef history.

1. A Sticky False Alarm

The internet went into overdrive as soon as Ben made his Junior MasterChef debut, and we can see why. He's just so adorable and sweet and we must protect him at all costs.

During the signature dish challenge, Ben decided to make some sweet and tasty S'mores. Just when the poor little guy tells the camera he'll have to remake his marshmallow, he takes a quick look at the batter before addressing the camera again,

Oh sorry, no I'm not gonna re-do it. This is fine.

Polite, smart and dishing out major 2020 vibes. We love Ben.

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2. So Many Puns

Everyone loves a good pun to throw in mid-conversation, or in their case, mid-challenge.

During Tuesday night's Elimination Round, Georgia and Carter were up on the gantry, firing pun after pun. Even the judges join in!

There were ingredient puns, bee puns, and even a country pun. Some were legendary, others might need to ketch-up because they're not so good (Ha! Thanks for that one Mel).

By the end of the season, we'll have a book full of puns. We O-love that.

3. Etka's Onion Tip

It's been widely debated whether there's actually a way to stop onions from making us cry. Well, debate over. Etka has found a solution and if it works for him, it'll work for us. Stylish glasses. Not only will they keep you from crying, but you'll look like Elvis Presley. This kid's a genius!

4. Wild Imaginations

Watching the contestants react to the sometimes - odd - challenges is hands down one of the best parts. They share so many wild theories about what might be happening throughout the competition - take the giant Mystery Box in Episode Four, for example.

Some thought "there could be a whole cow in there",  while others believed there was an "animal, creature or some sort of human" inside. Then there was the theory that the judges were "trapped inside the Mystery Box" and that the contestants needed to "break them out with the power of food." All very valid reasons.

What nobody expected, was for the judges to come out having aged, according to Ben, about "20 years". But why oh why did they age, and what's that got to do with cooking?

Carter's completely hilarious conclusion was our favourite:

Is it going to be a challenge where we have to cook something that oldies would like, like scones or something?

Lol. Kids say the darndest things!

5. A Fight For The Last Tortellini

During the signature dish challenge, Ruby proved she's a fierce competitor who loves watching the judges enjoy her food. So much so, that she wants them to fight over every last piece! We couldn't hold back the giggles after this comment:

"I'm going to plate up seven tortellini, so they have two each and they can fight over the last one."

We love a sass queen! May the fight for the last tortellini commence!

6. Georgia's Big Helper

Georgia may be small, but she sure is sassy!

The mini chef had Jock step in to carry her heavy food basket, because according to her, "my arms will pop out of their sockets!". As he walked her back to her bench, she couldn't help but declare, "he's my slave now" with an adorable cheeky grin plastered on her face.

 7. Filo’s Turkish Delight

If there was ever a more #relatable scene on tv, it was this.

During the blind taste test, Filo somehow got olives and Turkish Delight - two foods he LOVES! After successfully identifying them, instead of leaving the counter empty-handed (like everyone else), he grabbed "more for the road", and was spotted sneakily eating them as he walked back to the group.

Major mood!

8. S'more Life Advice From Ben

Wise little Ben is at it again with the iconic one-liners.

During the Elimination Challenge, Laura decided to bang the Immunity Gong to keep her safe during the challenge. If you didn't know, the thing with the gong is that winners of the Immunity Challenge can bang it anytime during the Elimination Challenge cook to remain safe during that particular night.

Smarty-pants Ben didn't agree with how quickly she did it, and said "If I had the gong, I'd go and raid the MasterChef pantry and eat all of the chocolate and then I'd go and hit the gong and go to safety."

Same, Ben. Same.

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9. Facing Fears

Carter has proven he's one to watch in the kitchen, and during the second Mystery Box Challenge, he decided to cook something he doesn't particularly like: Fish.

And not just a fillet of fish, but a whole fish.

"I don't like cooking fish cause my dad doesn't eat fish... I wanted to prove to myself that I can cook it and overcome my fear."

These kids are seriously an inspiration to us all.

Watch Junior MasterChef on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday at 7:30pm.