Mamma Mia - Jamie Oliver is back!

Jamie and the Nonnas is going to have you drooling...

One of the world’s most beloved TV Chefs, Jamie Oliver, is jumping on a scooter and driving straight into your Wednesday nights as he brings you Italy’s most delicious secrets in Jamie And The Nonnas – and we couldn’t be more excited!

What makes it different to all the other Jamie shows, you may ask? Jamie’s heading to Italy to get to the heart of Italian cooking, with the mission of trying to unlock the great secrets of traditional Italian fare. Jamie turns to a source more powerful than the mafia for information: the Nonnas.

So that means all your favourite Italian foods (and dishes that you may not have heard of but will probably become your next favourite meal) are being cooked by the very best of the best – and we get to find out how!

A feast for the eyes as well as the belly, Jamie will be hitting all the hottest locations across this beloved holiday destination, providing the perfect midweek escape. Jamie will be entering the kitchens of revered home cooks to bring you the real flavours of Italy - so you can pack away that jar of bolognaise sauce forever because these Nonnas are going to change your cooking lives forever.

Seamlessly timed to give you and the family delicious ideas for this holiday season, Jamie And The Nonnas will have you smugly serving Italian perfection right across the summer. 

10 play is dishing up recipes from both Jamie and the Nonna’s, so you can recreate the mouth-watering dishes you see on TV yourself!

Jamie, scenery and unbeatable dishes and recipes - now that is one spicy meatball!

Don't miss Jamie and the Nonnas 7.30 Wednesdays on 10 and 10 play