How To Live To 100 According To Jamie’s Super Food

It's the show that just might help you live to be 100, but just what life-lengthening secrets does Jamie's Super Food hold?

How To Live To 100 According To Jamie’s Super Food

1. Forget Everything You Know About ‘Super Food’

What does the term ‘super food’ mean to you? If it’s kale, activated almonds and something called ‘maca powder,’ Jamie wants you to think again. “Jamie’s Super Food is not about goji berries and green drinks,” assures a terrifically trim Mr Oliver. Instead, it’s about using simple everyday ingredients – stuff that you might already have in your kitchen! Easy.

2. Drop Out-Dated Diet Myths

Not only an advocate for “everyday” super foods (bye, kale), Jamie wants you to throw stale diet myths in the bin. Compromise and denial do not a healthy lifestyle make. Arming yourself with the tricks and tips to making nutritionally balanced plates of mouth-watering food is the go in Jamie’s book.

Jamie Oliver Jamie's Super Food

3. Eat French Toast. Sort Of.

Small Jamie-approved changes to old favourites such as French toast can make a huge health difference in the long run. Swapping sugar for banana, white for wholemeal bread and butter for olive oil transforms everyone’s fave calorie-packed breakfast into Berry Pocket Eggy Bread. At under 350 calories, we’re going for seconds.

4. Take A Holiday

More specifically, book a ticket to one (or all five) of Jamie’s health hot spots, where people are living significantly healthier and longer lives than the rest of us. Fancy a jaunt to Japan? Perhaps Greece or Costa Rica are more your flavour? Wherever you jet off to be sure to follow in Jamie’s footsteps by seeking out the locals’ diet secrets.

Jamie Oliver Jamie's Super Foods

5. Respect Your Elders

On his travels, Jamie meets some incredible locals more than double his own age. Jose (pictured) lives on the Nicoyan Peninsula in Costa Rica and has celebrated 106 birthdays. His protein-packed diet (think eggs, corn and fruit) may be the key to his longevity. Oh, and the fact that he simply “[doesn’t] feel old yet.”

Jamie Oliver Jamie's Super Food

6. Keep An Open Mind

Raw fish is not for everyone, but Jamie hopes he can convert the sceptics. Listing its many health benefits while enthusiastically gobbling mouthfuls of the freshly caught stuff on a Costa Rican beach seems convincing. Calling it a fancy name, ‘Ceviche,’ might also help the cause. Still not sold? Try his wholly un-raw Lemon Sole and Olive Sauce recipe.

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