About the Show

Can’t get enough of jungle life? Australia’s number one African outdoor classroom game show, I’m A Celebrity Saturday Schoolies, is about to shake up your Saturday nights.

Hosted by the effervescent Scott Tweedie, each week our celebs must report to class and what happens next is up to Mr. Tweedie. A mix of fun, games and celebrity surprises are guaranteed when our celebs break out of the jungle for the classroom.

Each week, the celebrities will need to report to class. What happens next is up to their teacher, Mr. Scott Tweedie.

But if the celebs think that their excursion from camp will be easier than convincing their parents to buy them Bacardi Breezers, Mr. Tweedie has a few surprises up his khaki sleeves.

The campmates will compete in a series of wickedly fun challenges for the chance to win The Golden Lunchbox. If successful, they will find all their playground favourites: muesli bars, bananas, juices and ham and cheese sangas.

After a week of rice and beans, with a side of warthog testicle, that lunchbox will mean everything to our hangry campmates.

“Chris and Julia do an astounding job starving and taking all our jungle celebs to almost-breaking-point, so it's only fitting on a Saturday night I take it one step further with some of the most stupid games you’ve ever seen, so we can laugh at them even more,” said Scott.

Join Mr. Tweedie as he hands out detentions quicker than a celeb can say: “Get my agent on the phone”.