‘You Have To Get Me Home To My Kids’: Toni Pearen Bitten On The Face By Snakes During Trial

During Tuesday night’s Tucker Trial, Toni Pearen was bitten several times by snakes during a heart-racing challenge that saw the soap star pushed to her limits.

Competing against Dipper and Ash Williams in the ongoing Hungry Games, which sees the green, red, and blue teams pitted against each other for a hierarchy of meals in camp, Toni was struck multiple times by baby jungle carpet pythons.

Both Chris and Julia looked on astonished as they reminded Toni she could call out the show’s titular phrase and be released but she powered on, repeating, “I’m calm, I’m calm, I can do this,” to herself.

After she was released from the box and seen to by the on-site medic, an emotional Toni fought back tears as she told the host, "You have to get me home to my kids!”

Julia meanwhile remarked that in the seven years of the show's history she had "never seen anything like it”.

“Bernard Tomic didn't even get it like that,” Julia said, referring to the 2018 campmate.

Pushing on with the challenge, Toni remarked, “Man, I’ve had two babies. I can do anything.”

Unfortunately, her valiant efforts were not met with a huge cause for celebration, earning the green team their first bronze medal and a dinner of rice and beans, but Toni was definitely the MVP of the trial.

“That was bigger than I could ever possibly imagine,” Toni said, tearing up. “That was full-on.”

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