Why This Season Of I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here Could Be The Toughest Yet

The celebs may be camping in their own backyard, but something tells us that Season 7 won’t be a walk in the park.

For years we’ve seen celebs tough it out in a camp set in the heart of the African jungle. But next year, on Jan 3, our latest batch of celebrities will be roughing it a little closer to home. And sure, a cute vacay on the Gold Coast sounds like exactly what we all need after 2020, but something tells us that this won’t be as easy as we first thought.

Basically, Australia has an international reputation for its beautiful array of flora and fauna that will do its absolute best to scare the s**t out of you, and we can imagine Dr Chris Brown and Lady Julia Morris have been doing their homework recruiting some of the fiercest they can find… and they won’t have to look very far.

From bird-eating-spiders to croc-eating-snakes and snake-eating-frogs, we’ve got any horror our next batch of celebs may fear, right here at home. And what about those weirdly jacked Kangaroos that seem to pop up every now and then? What’s their deal and what’s their gym routine?

Not only do we have the world’s most venomous snake (the inland taipan) but Australia boasts 21 out of the 25 most venomous snakes in the world. Almost a full house! And speaking of houses, Aussie snakes really don’t have a lot of problems when it comes to barging in uninvited.

Oh, we also have one of the world’s most dangerous spiders too, with the funnel-web keeping us all on our toes and checking our boots.

Funnel-webs are in good company with Redback spiders, Banana spiders, and Recluse spiders all ranking as some of the most dangerous in the world.

But if you’re thinking that it’s just the creepy crawlies you need to watch out for, don’t forget that the platypus is one of the few mammals able to produce venom. While it’s not lethal to humans, a sting from a platypus spur is extremely painful and will likely ruin your afternoon.

Speaking of venom, Australia is home to the box jellyfish which has the most poisonous venom in the world! Fun! So if you’re trying to outrun a spider and think a dip in the ocean is your safest bet, think again!

And while you’re having a paddle, don’t forget our beloved saltwater crocs can grow to be over 5 meters and over 1,000 kilos.

We haven’t even touched on the cute and cuddly creatures lurking in the waves, with Australia home to around 170 species of sharks!

But when it comes to our stunning array of animals and insects that our celebs should look out for, never forget the king:

Thankfully our celebs will be safe and sound in their camp, and hopefully, we won’t see any pesky pests sneaking in to cause some chaos, but one thing they won’t be shielded from is the Aussie summer.

Just last month Australia recorded its hottest November on record for maximum, minimum, and mean temperatures according to the Bureau of Meteorology.

While celebs have come to expect the occasional scorpion-filled box or a lie down in a chamber full of snakes in the Viper Room, we don't know what to expect for some home-grown fun. Dr Chris and Lady Julia will have no-doubt concocted some thrilling tastes of home for our celebs.

Have you ever tried the Weet-Bix challenge? Have a medic standing by.

I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! premieres Sunday, 3 January on Network 10 and 10 play