Richard Reid Is Crowned King Of The Jungle

Gossip Guru Richard Reid has been crowned King of the Jungle 2019, winning $100,000 for his chosen charity, Beyond Blue.

SPOILER ALERT! The next member of the Jungle Royal Family has been crowned.

Earlier in the day, the final three's loved ones scurried around camp in order to surprise our unsuspecting celebrities.

Tears were shed, with the arrival of Shane’s partner Olivia and their four boys Ben, Charlie, Harry and Jack, Yvie’s brother Mark and nephew Vaughn, and Richard’s sister, Deane.

Later, the final three celebrities, their families, and even our hosts, participated in the side-splitting hilarious trial, Friendly Fire.

Rigged up to electrodes, the trio’s nearest and dearest had two minutes to navigate their way through a buzz wire course. Every time the wire was touched, a celebrity was zapped.

Yvie Jones was voted by Australia as runner-up in tonight’s extravagant Grand Finale and Shane Crawford took third place earlier in the evening.

Australia had decided it was Richard Reid who deserved the title of King Of The Jungle in 2019!

From entering the jungle on day one in a vibrant red blazer and matching shoes, to spending five weeks slumming it in the South African jungle, Richard proved that there is much more to him than the glitz and the glamour of Hollywood.

In addition to the priceless facial expressions, inappropriate puns and fun sense of humour he showed us on a regular basis, Australia also fell in love with Richard’s honesty, vulnerability, bravery and compassion.

Taking polarising campmate Justin Lacko under his wing, the eccentric pair formed a beautiful friendship, with Richard serving as a jungle life coach to the international model. From discussing sexuality, family issues and working together on how Justin could best manage his moods, nothing was off topic or too big for Dr. Dickie to tackle.

Another incredible friendship was formed between Richard and Angie Kent.

From talking boys and loved ones, to playing a game of Snog, Avoid And Marry, the delightful duo were never short of things to discuss.

Richard dished the dirt on celebs from Australia and overseas, naming his best and worst celebrity encounters and lifting the lid on Karl Stefanovic’s spray-on hair dependence.

In an emotional revelation to Justin, Richard spoke of his battle with booze, and a specific incident in Sydney where he went to a business meeting intoxicated, and urinated on a pot plant.

Richard was extremely entertaining in trials, overcoming his fear of confined spaces and snakes to smash through an impressive nine challenges.

Although it’s hard to choose his most memorable trial, Bogged Down saw him conquer his phobias as he crawled through a bush sewer filled with various jungle critters.

After an emotional four weeks, Shane and Yvie were ecstatic for Richard to take the crown and win $100,000 for his chosen charity, Beyond Blue.

See you next year!