Who Will Wear the Jungle Crown?

And then there were three. Viewers have roared a vote of approval for Brendan, Laurina and Paul to contest Sunday’s I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! Grand Finale.


Claim to the throne: The larrikin with a heart as big as a house has certainly won Australia’s. His bromance with Anthony is one of this season’s sweetest surprises, akin to watching a golden retriever affectionately take a kitten under its paw. Although fate has now divided the once inseparable pair, you can bet Callea will be waiting with a big bowl of kibble – or at least a big ol’ hug – when his pal reaches the finish line.

I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here, Season 2, Flash Flood Tucker Trial, Channel TEN

Crowning glory: Fev’s selflessness in the face of scaly adversity was a sight to see in the Flash Flood 2.0 Tucker Trial. With bud-for-life Anthony temporarily waylaid by a serpent siege, Brendan single-handily secured both their freedom and the camp’s next feed. Yet more proof, though hardly needed, that you’ve got a friend in Fev. 


Claim to the throne: Whatever expectations the public may have had about The Bachelor’s famous detractor of street pies, Laurina’s upended them. Game for anything – she’s had to be – Ms Fleure has risen above camp conflicts, creepy crawlies, snakes, crocodiles, name mispronunciations and soul violations, emerging from her makeshift mud mask as not only a world-record holder, but an inspiration to us all.

I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! Viper Room Laurina Fleure

Crowning glory: Laurina’s world-beating 12 Tucker Trial performances should be taken as one big validation of her crown-wearing credentials. Drilling down into the depths of Hell though, nothing will ever top her Viper Room heroics. How she managed to remain so remarkably zen while amorous snakes were getting slithery with it on top of her we’ll never know. Laurina, take a bow. Reptiles, get a room. Your own.


Claim to the throne: To dislike The Chief is, well… who are we kidding, why in the wide world of sports would anyone dislike The Chief? Tall in stature and memorable of banter, the NRL legend’s benevolent presence has helped lead the celebs through every stomach-ache, Tucker Trial and tribulation. It’s no wonder campmate and viewer alike adore him.

I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here, Season 2, Hipster Horror Tucker Trial, Channel TEN

Crowning glory: Overcoming a crippling fear of heights in the Ropeable Tucker Trial was laudable, but Paul’s true claim to I’m A Celebrity fame was his Hipster Horror performance. Anyone who’s willing to risk a lifetime of therapy by downing a critter cocktail while simultaneously throwing up on himself gets a lifetime pass as far as we’re concerned. Regardless of what happens on Sunday, The Chief is already a winner.

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