What We Have Learnt About Each Celeb and the Moments We Will Never Forget

How time flies! The celebs have been singing, laughing, crying and participating in crazy challenges in the so-called Aussie jungle for over three weeks.  

The jungle has given everyone a chance to share stories and open up, showing Australia a different side away from the glitz, glamour and tabloid stories.  

Let’s look at what we have learnt about each celeb and their funniest jungle moments!  

 Brooke McClymont: How The McClymonts Were formed  

Brooke has shared many wonderful stories in camp. Most notably, Brooke opened up about how The McClymonts, the band she performs in with her two sisters, was formed. Brooke shared with the camp that many years ago at the Golden Guitar Awards, Australian Country music legend Lee Kernaghan saw Brooke and sister Mollie performing as backup singers for their sister Samantha, who was a solo artist at the time.  

Brooke went onto say “Lee said you three are so great together, if you three sing together I’ll give you my 18th month tour, all we had to do was play five songs before him”. The impact of the tour gave The McClymonts a national platform, and the rest is history!  

 Funniest Moment: Smelling Joey’s Underwear  

Cal Wilson: Hilarious, Generous and the Food Protector    

Cal Wilson is known in the jungle for her hilarious observations, kookaburra impression and as co-host of the jungle podcast ‘Highlights Happiness and Ham’. Seeing Cal in the jungle has shown Australia what a vibrant, warm and generous person she is.  

Cal had an ability to talk to animals, most famously saying “stop making eye contact with me, rat” during a challenge. Cal’s bravery also came to the forefront when she took on the dangerous role of guarding Poh when she prepped dinner, to ensure Joey and Beau didn’t sneak any food.  

 Funniest Moment: Facing Off Against Toads and Rats  

David Subritzky: King Matchmaker  

David Subritzky, the only ‘non-celeb’ in the jungle, has proven to the world that even regular people can be entertaining on television (who would have thought). David’s confidence, upbeat nature and impromptu dance numbers have been a major source of entertainment.  

The main takeaway we learnt from David is that he is a terrific matchmaker: he played a crucial part in setting up the romance between Joey and Maria. David will undoubtedly be the uncle to any future jungle babies.  

 Funniest Moment: OTT Reaction to Getting Bit By a Bug  

Derek Kickett: The Impact of AFL and the Importance of Representation  

While being interviewed on ‘Highlights Happiness and Ham’ Derek spoke about his idols and what playing AFL meant to him. “Playing my first game at the MCG was magic, my idols and my heroes are my dad and my uncle. I always had a motto when I was playing footy, you are playing for your club and you're representing your people,” he told the camp. 

“It’s not about me, it’s about me being an inspiration for my mob and my people, if I can leave a small country town and make it to the AFL anyone can do it”. Derek has been an integral member of I’m A Celebrity and an inspiration in the AFL world and wider community.  

 Funniest Moment: Crushing the Food Challenges  

 Dylan Lewis: Musical Marvel and Mental Health Advocate   

Dylan Lewis, the guitarist, harmonica player, jungle percussionist and co-host of the jungle Podcast ‘Highlights Happiness and Ham’, has been a joy to watch. Dylan has showcased to Australia his many talents and may always be remembered for dancing in a mosquito suit.  

Dylan has been a warm and open member in camp, he spoke to Tottie about the importance of advocating for mental health and revealed he walked away from a career in radio due to the toll it was taking on him.  

 Funniest Moment: Dancing In A Mosquito Suit  

Emily Seebohm: The Reality of Being An Olympic Athlete  

Emily Seebohm the swimming legend has been a tremendous asset to the jungle, she’s been a terrific team player and crushed every challenge put in front of her. Emily has courageously spoken about her struggles with an eating disorder, spoke candidly about the reality of being an elite swimmer and shared many stories about her time at the Olympics.   

Emily’s courage, determination and openness is truly inspiring, bringing awareness to prominent issues that impact Australians.  

 Funniest Moment: First Impression of Joey  

 Joey Essex: Opening Up About His Traumatic Past  

Joey Essex, best known as the lovable larrikin with interesting catchphrases, showed Australia a different side early in the show. Joey let his guard down when he spoke about his struggle coping with the trauma of losing his mum.  

Joey broke down speaking to Maria and David about the recent documentary he participated in that explored his traumatic past. “It took me 20 years to speak about this, I don’t think the pain will ever fully leave my body to be honest”.  

 Funniest Moment: Flipping Out Of Bed  

 Nathan Buckley: The Pressure of Being a Couch and What’s Next For Him  

Nathan Buckley has quickly become the Jungle Guru and giver of good advice. When Poh asked Nathan if he was still coaching, Nathan was very open, saying, “I was, I don’t know how to call it, sacked, stood down, left, retired from the coaching role after nine-and-a-half years.” 

Nathan continued by saying he does not miss “the never-ending expectation and pressure to produce results”. When Poh asked about his next career move, Nathan was honest saying, “With 10 seasons as senior coach and 26 seasons at Collingwood, AFL has absolutely been my life, there has always been a purpose and a goal. To exist without a goal after 30 years of having one, is different. So the short answer is; I don’t know Poh”.  

 Funniest Moment: Going On a Sneaky Popcorn Mission with Poh  

Poh Ling Yeow: What Inspired Her to Be A Cook  

The Australian Icon that is Poh Ling Yeow has marvelled the jungle with her infectious laugh, straight-forward attitude and for turning even the most unusual dinner ingredients into delicious meals. Poh opened up about what inspired her to be a cook saying, “Eighty percent of Malaysian culture is about food, I went through this stage where I suddenly became obsessed with food. 

“I realised that I had shed so much of my culture growing up in Australia and trying to be an Aussie kid. Food was one of the last vestiges of my culture that I could legit hang onto that I found easy”. 

 Funniest Moment: Stuck In A Bread Costume  

Tottie Goldsmith: Unbelievable U2 Story  

The triple-threat that is Tottie Goldsmith has graced the jungle with her elegance, class and positive attitude. Tottie has shared many entertaining stories with camp, the most impressive one being her claim that she inspired the name of the U2 album Achtung Baby.  

While Tottie was at John Farnham’s birthday party, an event that included U2, Tottie shouted the phrase ‘Achtung Baby’ to her then boyfriend and a curious Bono ask her why she had just said that. “Anyway, the next thing I know Achtung Baby the album comes out and I go, there’s my claim to fame”.  

 Funniest Moment: Tottie’s Sticky Role In the Egg Challenge  

Davina Rankin: The Reality of Being On MAFS  

Davina had an emotional conversation with Beau about the reality of being painted the “villain” on MAFS saying “I hope people don’t think I am just that show”. Davina explained that the person she was partnered with Ryan, was a terrible match and that the way he would act on and off camera were the complete opposite.  

“He pretended that we were getting along so well but we hated each other.” Davina went onto say that she “regrets being too open and honest on the show” and that “production had created a narrative” for how she would be portrayed. Davina's warm, compassionate and friendly nature proved she is the opposite of her MAFS persona.   

 Funniest Moment: Gracefully Moving Out of the Way of a High-speed Ball  

 Maria Thattil: The Impact of the Show On Maria’s Identity  

 In a candid conversation with David, Maria spoke to him about a topic she “hadn’t told anyone” about. While she has always identified as straight, Maria told David that she had always felt an attraction to women. “I’ve always been curious about that” Maria said but also added that she would often push any thoughts aside.   

“I’ve always buried that side of myself,” she revealed. After leaving the jungle Maria spoke to Chris and Julia, revealing that the impact of speaking on the topic at camp meant she now openly identified as bisexual.  

 Funniest Moment: Bringing A Cardboard Cut Out Of Her Dad to Camp  

Beau Ryan: The Moment He Considers the Highlight of His Life  

When asked on ‘Highlights Happiness and Ham’ about life and career highlights, Beau spoke to the campmates about the love he has for his wife and family. Beau said, “every time I get asked this question, I keep seeing the same moment, on my wedding day when my wife walked down the aisle, seven months pregnant with my daughter”.  

It has been lovely to hear Beau speak about his family; we are glad Beau made the right decision for him to leave camp early to be reunited with them.  

 Funniest Moment: Mansplaining How the Human Body Works  

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