'What If They Think My Cooking Is Sh*t?': Can Khanh Ong Become King Of The Jungle?

King Khanh reveals his biggest jungle fears, and why 'I'm A Celebrity' is a totally different challenge to 'Australian Survivor'.

After becoming an immediate fan-favourite in his first season of MasterChef Australia, Khanh returned for the Back to Win season only to further establish himself as a fave in the hearts of MasterChef fans.

Then, in Australian Survivor: Blood V Water, Khanh competed alongside his sister, where he became known for not just cooking rice and beans for his tribe but also playing a dominant game, earning him the title 'King Khanh'.

Now, Khanh is heading into the jungle, ready to once again dominate the competition and win over audiences with his charm and wit. But despite his experience roughing it on Survivor, Khanh told 10 Play he doesn't feel like he was going into the jungle with an advantage.

"It's a completely different show and the challenges are completely different, Survivor is so physical" Khanh said in a chat before heading into the jungle. "The dynamics are so different as well because we're not voting each other out, we don't have to scheme.

"It's more about building relationships and actually getting to know people. Survivor wasn't that, it was 'get to know people so you can exploit them and send them home'."

One thing that Survivor did prepare him for was the very limited menu of rice and beans. "I was doing rice and beans like no one else had done rice and beans before," he laughed, "maybe I'll make a pizza or something out there and it'll be like, 'How did he do that?' And you'll never know!"

And while Survivor was a challenge, heading into the jungle would mean having to confront a lot more of his fears.

"What if they think my cooking is sh*t? I just feel like they might be like, why did you stuff this up? I'm really worried about the heights situation," he added.

"Frogs are f**king weird... I don't like things that are unpredictable," Khanh continued. "I don't like animals that can go in all directions. It's like, be big enough to go in one direction so I know where you're going!"

As for the challenges themselves, the chef is used to eating a variety of ingredients, but the idea of sitting down to one of the show's famous eating challenges is not on his bucket list.

"I feel like Australia's not going to put me in them," he said, optimistically. "I eat a lot of different things, I think the thing that's the most disgusting about the eating challenges is the fact that nothing is the right temperature that it should be.

"If things were served the way they should be, they would be fine," Khanh continued. "The fact that you're eating a tongue - we eat tongue in Vietnam but it's sliced really thin, served in a beautiful broth and just adds a bit of chew. Out there, I have to bite a cold tongue? That's not a vibe!"

Earlier in the week, the camp's contraband was seized and Khanh opened his backpack to reveal half a supermarket aisle stashed in ziplock bags. With everything from coffee and milk powder to bright pink hair dye. "I don't want people to think I'm not a natural pink," he explained.

With the contraband surrendered, Khanh may soon regret his rigorous pre-jungle preparations, "I'm going to drink hard, drink a lot of coffee, smoke a lot of cigarettes and then just go cold turkey and deal with it."

Khanh's time in the jungle is in support of Minus18, an organisation that focuses on improving the lives of LGBTQIA+ youth.

"I've supported Minus18 for the last six or seven years," Khanh explained, "I used them when I was growing up, that was my first way of meeting other queer people.

"I just think what they do is fantastic, it's needed so it was a no-brainer. I worked with them on so many different things, I've been to the pride centre, I've seen where the money goes and I know how helpful it is."

You can find out more about Minus18 and the work they do, as well as all the charities our celebs are supporting this year here.

I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! continues Sunday- Thursday at 7.30 on 10 and 10 Play