‘We’re Here For A Bigger Reason’: Celebs Get Emotional Discussing Their Chosen Charities

Though there are plenty of laughs and good times in the jungle, each celebrity in the camp is competing for a greater cause.

While we love seeing them push themselves out of their comfort zones, get hangry, tackle and triumph over even the toughest Tucker Trials, on Tuesday night the celebs sat down to talk about the charities they had each selected to support during their time in the jungle.

From organisations that support First Nations Australians, the LGBTQIA+ community to those whose lives have been impacted by cancer, grief, suicide or Eating Disorders, each celebrity shared the personal reason as to why they had selected their cause.

For some, it was a deeply emotional moment, sharing stories they had not previously spoken about publicly.

For Emily, sharing her chosen charity also meant sharing with the camp her experience of being diagnosed with anorexia and bulimia. “I haven’t told many people, and I don’t say it out loud because it’s not something I’m really proud of,” she tearfully admitted. “My charity is EndED, it’s an eating disorder charity, it actually houses people that really need help and also has heaps of support for families as well.”

Later, Emily reflected on all of the celebrities, and hearing everyone’s personal stories as to why they had selected their charities saying, “We’re here for a bigger reason, outside of ourselves, and to bring awareness to things that aren’t probably talked about, that are left silent, and it’s really to open up about the experiences that we’ve gone through to help others that might be experiencing the same things.”

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Brooke revealed that she lived in a hospital for 18 months, unable to leave due to her dislocated hips. “There was no beds for my mum to ever come sleep next to me, it was a small hospital,” she said. She had chosen The Grafton Base Hospital as her charity because, as she explained, “They kind of miss out on a lot of fundraising and, for me, I’ve always wanted to give back to them and say thank you for looking after me, for my family.”

For Dylan, the chat was extremely difficult, admitting that he had never spoken publicly about the death of his brother. “Suicide is an awful thing for people to have to deal with, so I’ve chosen Lifeline. They’re caring, they know what to say, they’re trained, they know what kind of help you need.

“I think the biggest message is: don’t second guess yourself. If you’re worried about someone, you’re worried about yourself, you call Lifeline. Just do it. Because the grief lasts forever.”

Someone else who has been impacted by suicide was Joey, who has previously spoken about how the death of his mother when he was just 10-years-old impacted his entire life. “I’m supporting a charity called Feel The Magic, they help support grieving kids, children who are going through bereavement, who have lost their parents,” Joey explained.

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Cal explained that she had chosen Bowel Cancer Australia because not only had her mum been diagnosed with advanced bowel cancer in early 2021, but several of her friends were also impacted by the disease.

“I know I’m going to lose one of them quite soon and so I just wanted to do this,” she said, later adding, “I’ve been making him cupcakes, that’s about the only thing I can do for him, but this feels like something else.”

Both Maria and David selected organisations that support the LGBTQIA+ community, with Maria choosing Minus18 in honour of her brother, Dom. “Being gay in a South Asian-Australian family that is very conservative and religious and not easy so my charity is Minus 18 Youth.”

David’s charity, Pride Foundation Australia, also support the disenfranchised within the LGBTQIA+ community. “I just think it’s good to spread more awareness and be more accepting within Australia,” he said.

Derek’s charity, Key Assets, are an organisation that provide care and services to those within the foster care system. “Namely looking after First Nations children, getting their foster parents to understand about their cultural background,” Derek said adding that while they make up around 3 percent of the population, “we’ve got probably 30 percent of First Nations kids that are in the foster care program.”

Nathan chose the Salvation Army explaining, “they’re largely there to support those that are out of home, people that are sleeping rough, trying to help people who sometimes aren’t going to receive that help.”

Poh’s charity, Yalari is a not-for-profit organisation “that funds full secondary school scholarships for Aboriginal kids that live in remote areas,” she explained. “I really want Aboriginal kids to have this sort of opportunity and help create some generational change.”

Tottie’s chosen charity, the Stroke Foundation, was selected in support of her ex-husband. “He had a massive stroke and he’s gone from a three-time Olympian world cup downhill skier to trying to get half of his body to work again,” she explained.

Davina told the celebs, “My charity is the Mater Foundation, they are doctors and nurses that work tirelessly around the clock to help our premature babies and babies who are born with compilations.”

And tearfully, Beau spoke about his experiences with the Mark Hughes Foundation. “Mark Hughes used to be a rugby league player, he was diagnosed with brain cancer a few years ago and started the Mark Hughes Foundation which is brain cancer funding and awareness.” With brain cancer affecting many children in Australia, Beau told the celebrities about some of the kids he had met, two of which have since passed.

For all of the celebs, the deeply personal reasons behind their chosen charities were difficult to share with the camp, and with the audiences watching at home, but they each know that their time in the jungle is in support of all of these amazing causes.

For more information about any of the organisations listed above, or if you would like to make a donation to any of the charities you can find out more information here.

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