‘We Hated Each Other’: Davina Rankin Dishes On Her MAFS ‘Affair’

The former MAFS bride spoke about how her storyline was edited in a way to make her out to be the ultimate villain.

Since coming into the jungle, Davina has been one of the campmates constantly trying to bring everyone’s spirits up. From her mindfulness game of compliments to her overcoming her fear of heights during Monday’s Tucker Trial. But one thing that has haunted Davina outside of the jungle was her time on Married at First Sight.

Speaking to Beau Ryan, Davina explained her side of the story, including everything that went down with her controversial ‘affair’.

Davina was ‘married’ to former I’m A Celebrity campmate Ryan Gallagher during the show’s fifth season in 2018.

“Ryan and I didn’t like each other. He was sleeping on the couch the whole time,” Davina explained to Beau, adding, “We did hook up purely because we were like well if we do it at the beginning then at least we can see if there was anything. Then we did and we were like… that was ****ed so let’s never do that again.”

Davina admitted to being frustrated that during Ryan’s interviews he would talk about her as if he adored her. “And then I was speaking too much, like I was too open and honest and in my head I was like oh well I’m just being myself… but then I was the villain.”

During the season Davina met up with one of the other grooms, Dean Wells, and the pair hatched a plan to return to the experiment as a couple.

“But at the last minute, everyone screwed me,” Davina said. “He decided to stay with his missus but he outed that we had been doing this whole thing and then Ryan pretended that he was really upset because we were getting along so well, but we hated each other.”

Despite the whole arrangement being labelled as a huge ordeal, Davina said people are shocked to hear she and Dean never even kissed.

“How can I have an affair with someone that I’ve never spent time with?” she said, before adding that there were others in the season who had been “fooling around with each other” but because it didn’t fit their storylines, it never made it to the final cut of the season.

“Production would not let that go to air because they already had a narrative! There’s no way anyone else is the villain or… any other scandal is happening except for this scandal that is playing out.”

Finally getting the opportunity to tell her side of the story Davina said she struggled with seeing the show go to air.

“I didn’t leave the house for like three months,” she said before breaking into tears. “My parents were so devastated for me… everyone.

“Even just the years after it just used to gut me because I could tell people knew me, they thought they knew me,” Davina continued.

“Now I’m in such a great place with that whole thing,” she said, adding that her time in the jungle had come at exactly the right moment.

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