Tucker Trial Tally

Find out just how many Tucker Trials your fave celebs have participated in with our handy tally

Laurina: 13 Tucker Trials

Stars earned: 42 (1 shared with Akmal for Croc bait; 7 shared with Val for Blind Date)

She's the reigning Trial Queen and stands to break the world record for the highest number of Tucker Trials completed by a contestant in any series of I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! worldwide if she's voted in for one more

Highlight: wow-ing the hosts, her fellow celebs and Australia with her cool, calm performance in The Viper Room (ep 5).

Lowlight: her point bank refusal to participate in Spin the Bottle (ep 3).

I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! Viper Room Laurina Fleure

Anthony: 8 Tucker Trials

Stars earned: 27 (9 shared with Shane for Mineshaft Misery; 4 shared with Fev for Flash Flood)

This ARIA award-winning singer-songwriter has turned his attention to new goals: winning Tucker Trial stars!

Highlight: refusing to give up while suspended in a pitch dark mine shaft during Mineshaft Misery (ep 16).

Lowlight: throwing down his foul dish in Spin the Bottle like it wasn't covered in maggots (it was), only to throw it up almost immediately.

I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here! Mineshaft Misery Tucker Trial

Jo Beth: 7 Tucker Trials

Stars earned: 21

Jo Beth chose the most dramatic way to step back into the limelight: by stepping over the edge of a cliff!

Highlight: cuddling up to a lion cub after acing the Feral Foot Fetish trial (ep10).

Lowlight: Missing out on nabbing the final star in the dramatic World's End trial, only to realise she did have the guts to go for it immediately after her time was up!

World’s End Tucker Trial

Shane: 7 Tucker Trials

Stars earned: 32 (12 shared with Brendan for Up to Your Neck In It; 9 shared with Anthony for Mineshaft Misery)

He may grumble and groan, but when Mr Warne commits to a trial you're guaranteed to get results.

Highlight: skolling a glass of pureed rat in Spin the Bottle (ep 3) like it was a cold beer (almost).

Lowlight: being nipped on the face by a cheeky snake in the aptly titled In Your Face (ep 15).

I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here! Spin the bottle tucker trial

Paul: 9 Tucker Trials

Stars earned: 23 (2 shared with Wippa for Ropeable; 6 + 1 red star shared with Fev for Hipster Horror)

He's not called The Chief for nothing. This natural-born leader sets a stellar example with his fairness, positivity and have-a-go attitude.

Highlight: emerging victorious from the ultimate Tug of War showdown against Fev. It was the (unofficial) battle of the codes, and NRL won.

Lowlight: feeling "as weak as a kitten" prior to the Beat the Birds trial (ep 7) due to low sugar levels. One glucose sachet later and he was back in the game! Onya Chief.

Tug Of War Tucker Trial

Val: 6 Tucker Trials

Stars earned: 21 (7 shared with Laurina for Blind Date)

Queen Bea approaches a Tucker Trial like she approached the inmates in Prisoner: with steely determination and a no-nonsense attitude

Highlight: staying calm while a rogue snake slipped up her shorts while neck-deep in a phone box filled with water in Creepy Callies (ep 11).

Lowlight: feeling woozy after beating Bonnie in the Tug of War (ep 14). Like the trooper she is, 72-year-old Val was back on her feet and beaming in no time!

I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here! Creepy Callie Tucker Trial

Havana: 6 Tucker Trials

Stars earned: 18 (6 shared with Brendan for Wreckfast)

She's used to DJing to crowds of thousands but this blonde beauty's proved her substance time and time again.

Highlight: getting a smooch from Riley the baboon during Feeding Time (ep 8).

Lowlight: having to make do with a water bottle 'shower' after being coated in slime, corn, maggots, chicken guts and a giant python.

Sticky Wiki Tucker Trial

Dean: 4 Tucker Trials

Stars earned: 16 (5 shared with Brendan for Memorable Trip)

The reluctant Hollywood heartthrob was filled with Glee (geddit?) when he faced his first solo trial.

Highlight: absolutely nailing the Shaken and Stirred trial (ep 12) and proving that yes, humans can sweat out of their eyeballs.

Lowlight: putting us off cheese products for life when he compared the taste of his beverage of intestine juices, fat, and bush pig kidney water in Spin the Bottle (ep 3) to Parmesan cheese. Thanks, Dean!

Trials and Challenges - Shaken and Stirred

Fev: 9 Tucker Trials

Stars earned: 36 (12 shared with Shane for Up to Your Neck In It; 5 shared with Dean for Memorable Trip; 6 shared with Havana for Wreckfast; 6 + 1 red star shared with Paul for Hipster Horror; 4 shared with Anthony for Flash Flood)

He may not have faced many trials so far, but this cheeky ex-footballer doesn't hesitate to put his body on the line, literally!

Highlight: cementing his bromance with buddy Shane Warne when they paired up for Up To Your Neck In It (ep 2). Perfect first date!

Lowlight: losing to Paul 'The Chief' Harrogan in Tug of War (ep 14), proving once and for all which football code reigns supreme (that's NRL over AFL for those playing along at home).

I'm A Celebrity - Up To Your Neck In It Trial

Stats correct as of ep 31