Towelgate 2021: The Shocking Case Of Pettifleur Berenger’s Missing Towel

What was supposed to be a treat for the celebs ended in the first-ever celebrity court case settled in the so-called Aussie jungle.

To give the celebs a little luxury, the powers that be granted them a limited-time offer of a hot shower.

Considering most of the celebs smell like they’ve spent the better part of the day wrestling blue cheese in a jar of farts, the offer for a chance to actually wash themselves was too good to pass up.

Though she was hesitant at first, former Real Housewife Pettifleur Berenger couldn’t resist the siren call of a shower’s warm embrace. But mere moments after she had lathered herself up with shampoo and face wash the harsh realities of the so-called Aussie jungle kicked in and the hot water was turned off.

Already irate after having to compromise with a freezing rinse, there was more to ruin Pettifleur’s day when she went to dry herself off - her towel was missing.

Obviously the shower saw a great deal of traffic that day, with everyone attempting to dash under the warm water for as long as possible, but Detective Pettifleur was on the case and immediately pointed one slightly-washed finger in the direction of celebrity chef Colin Fassnidge.

Colin, having been around the shower at the same time as Pettifleur, was adamant that he didn’t touch her towel. But that wasn’t going to stop the self-appointed Real Sherlock Holmeswife as the entire camp was turned into a makeshift courtroom.

Despite making quite the case against the celebrity chef, due to insufficient evidence, Pettifleur’s accusation fell on deaf ears and Colin was found not guilty.

But the question remained: who took the towel?

With not much in the camp to keep the celebs entertained this small slice of drama was more satisfying than two nights of seven-star dinners. Lapping up every minute, the mystery was exactly the nutritious tea that the celebs desperately needed.

There’s also the small matter of the many, many cameras in camp that pick up on everything including a completely innocent case of mistaken towel identity.

Looking back on the footage, in a shocking twist, it wasn’t Colin who took Pettifleur’s towel but the judge himself, the dis-honourable Robert ‘Dipper’ DiPierdomenico. But the deceit goes even deeper.

Earlier in the shower shenanigans, Dipper arrived to enjoy a rinse when he placed his towel down as Jess Eva was finishing up her soak. Innocently, or so it seemed, Jess grabbed her t-shirt along with Dipper’s towel.

Unbeknownst to Dip, when he was done with his shower he grabbed what he believed to be his towel, as it was sitting in the spot he left it, without realising that his towel had been replaced by — you guessed it — Pettifleur’s.

So that about wraps up the mystery of the missing towel, and you’re probably thinking. ‘Why did I read 500 words about a towel?’ and honestly, that’s on you.

We’ll make sure to keep you updated on all the latest in Towelgate, but for now, it looks like this case is closed.

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