Toni Pearen Takes Fear To New Heights And Conquers Another Tucker Trial

After a harrowing challenge that saw her bitten on the face by multiple snakes, Toni Pearen once again showed what she’s made of.

Earlier in the day Toni admitted to a few of her campmates that she was struggling in the so-called Aussie jungle. Admitting that having to be “on” all the time had left her feeling like she was in an emotional burnout.

And things weren’t looking up when Chris and Julia revealed that Toni would be the sole celeb facing the Tucker Trial — one which would have her quite literally looking up as she climbed a massive 50-metre tower.

Scattered across the tower were a series of obstacles and surprises as well as five flares that Toni needed to set off to earn stars before reaching the top. There, Toni would be faced with a final leap of faith that would be worth three stars.

If the exhaustion of having to climb the entire tower wasn’t enough, there were biting ants, grubs and even some fake snakes set to shoot up and throw Toni off her balance.

With just 10 minutes to complete the entire trial, Toni powered up the tower as if it was just another day in the so-called jungle.

Halfway through her climb, Toni stopped to admire the view.

“This is freaking magnificent,” she said, adding, “you don’t know how scared my family are of heights. I am proving something to them right now!”

But it wasn’t just her family she was proving something to, conquering the tower and taking the final, terrifying leap of faith Toni snagged a full suite of stars, resulting in a massive feed for her fellow celebs back at camp.

Swarmed by a celebratory mob of celebs, the Toni that had earlier been struggling was a thing of the past as she celebrated her victory with her jungle fam.

“It was such an amazing feeling, Toni said. “I’ve never experienced anything like that in my life, having all these people around me jumping up and down with joy, chanting my name, cuddling me so tight.”

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