‘They Were A Bit Flat’: Adam And Symon Put Their (Crocodile) Foot In It With A Late Arrival

The couch critics are used to dunking on celebs, but after a rough dunking of their own the camp’s latest arrivals brought one celeb to tears.

You may recognise Symon Lovett and Adam Densten from their long-running stint on Gogglebox Australia, with their love of fun socks and a blatant refusal to care for the plant that sat between them for two seasons.

That poor plant.

The boys gave their no-holds-barred opinions on TV for 10 seasons, making the decision to finally get up off the couch in 2019.

The pair also now host their podcast, The Adam and Symon Show, and hosted Premierships and Footy Trips on Fox Footy.

Now they’re heading into the jungle and while they expected to face some tough Tucker Trials, they were also braced to come face-to-face with some of the very people they spoke about during their time on Gogglebox.

But first, as is tradition with late arrivals, the duo had to compete in a trial that saw them spinning out and dunked in all sorts of mess, earning themselves a total of seven out of a possible 13 stars.

Sauntering into camp covered in mess, Adam and Symon were met with the kind of enthusiasm most people save for a parking ticket.

As the duo made themselves at home, several of the campmates noted their dismay having just lost Jack Vidgen to the massive ejection on Sunday night, the camp dynamic was thrust into upheaval.

With Adam and Symon out of camp hosing the stenches of the trial off themselves, Toni Pearen confided in campmate Colin Fassnidge that she was struggling with the idea of two new additions.

“I can’t handle anymore people,” she said fighting back tears, adding that the camp had been running on empty for the last few days and they weren't emotionally prepared for the surprise arrival. “What else are they going to throw at us?” The camp’s mum added with a sigh.

But things for the boys only got worse as their seven stars won the camp an interesting dinner of crocodile feet, which definitely didn’t go down well… literally.

As night fell on the camp, Adam and Symon took stock of their first day and realised that it was going to take a lot more than some crocodile feet to feel like part of the gang.

“Even if we’ve been here 14 days, like we’ll never be part of it,” Symon said.

With a welcome like that, things can only get better for the boys… we hope!

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