The Viper Room Returns

The most infamous Tucker Trial ever is back with more bite in 2018.

How does this make you feel?

How about this?

If you responded with shrieks of horror, spare a thought for Anthony and Danny who will be taking on the third incarnation of the infamous Viper Room Tucker Trial.

Need a refresher on this horrifying trial? The first Aussie celeb to take on the Viper Room challenge was Laurina Fleure in season two. Despite being covered in writhing snakes, including a pair of mating pythons, somehow she managed to keep calm amongst the dark, slithery chaos and emerge a zen-like being, leaving the hosts and Australia in awe.

Ash Pollard and Tziporah Malkah were the next unlucky celebs to endure the subterranean serpent terror in season three. Drawing support from one another, the pair kept their cool for the entire twelve minutes, netting their campmates twelve stars for dinner.

How long will Anthony and Danny be locked underground when The Viper Room returns for a third time? How many reptilian pals will be joining them? Only time will tell.