The Celebs Get Emotional Discussing The Charities They’re Supporting In The Jungle

The celebs have sacrificed a lot to head into the so-called Aussie jungle and survive on a diet of rice and beans, but it’s always been for a good cause.

Sitting around the camp, the celebs each spoke about the charities they are supporting while in the jungle, and why they mean so much to them.

For many of the celebs, the organisations and charities they have chosen to support have deeply personal ties to them, which they explained to their campmates.

Some, like Jess, chose charities in an effort to support their family and loved ones. Jess revealed that she chose her charity, The Cancer Council, because her mum recently beat breast cancer, and her sister-in-law had recently been diagnosed with terminal cancer.

“If she watches this show at night after a chemo treatment it’s kind of like… I’m doing it for ya sister. I love her,” Jess said.

Paulini’s family had also been affected by cancer, losing her dad just a few months ago to prostate cancer, which is why she selected the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia.

“It was pretty hard for my mum and the family,” Paulini said. “It’s so important to let everyone know that we’ve got to really support the men in our family and go and see doctors and get checked-up for prostate cancer because the earlier you find it the better.”

Jack’s charity, the Trish Multiple Sclerosis Research Foundation, was chosen in support of his dad who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis when he was about seven-years-old.

“I think it really, in a lot of ways, it just changed my relationship with my dad until this point because… I’m so scared of losing him,” Jack said.

Travis’ charity, the Lung Foundation Australia, was chosen because of the prominence of respiratory and lung disease within the Indigenous community and wider Australia. “It takes a lot of lives and, unfortunately for our family, we lost Kim’s dad,” he said.

Both Abbie and Colin chose Dementia Australia after Abbie lost her grandmother last year in June and Colin's father was diagnosed mid-last year.

“She helped raise us and she was a very intelligent woman, very switched on and it was very hard to watch her go from that to not really knowing what was going on,” an emotional Abbie told the camp.

Fighting back tears, Colin also described his own experience seeing his dad deal with dementia.

“When I phone home now I just see the changes and there’s nothing I can do about it and I know that it’s going to get worse,” he said. “It’s just a horrible thing to see, someone waste away that you’ve grown up with… whittling away into forgetting their name when we call home.”

Alli became emotional hearing Abbie and Colin speak about their experiences with dementia, with her grandma also battling the disease. Her charity, Gold Coast Project for Homeless Youth, offers support for young people experiencing homelessness and assists in finding temporary housing and support.

Ash chose the Make a Wish Foundation saying, “Whether we’re here on this Earth for a long time or a short time you want to experience your dreams and your wishes so at least they grant that to sick kids.”

Dipper’s charity, Outside The Locker Room, was founded by another footy player, Jake Edwards. “We go around to mainly football clubs, netball clubs, sporting clubs and give an education program,” Dip explained. "It's all about mental health.”

Pettifleur and Toni also chose charities that focus on mental health, with Pettifleur in the jungle to support Beyond Blue. Toni’s charity, Gotcha 4 Life, was dedicated to the important men in her life.

“I just think it’s important that men realise it’s okay to ask for help and we’ve always got your back,” Toni said. “Someone’s got ya.”

Finally, Grant explained that his mum’s sacrifices when he was young informed his choice of charity, choosing The Smith Family.

“She was incredible at sacrificing her life to ensure we had books and clothing and school uniforms but so many other kids just don’t have that and they start behind the eight-ball,” Grant explained.

“One in six Aussie kids live in poverty and you can sponsor a young kid so they have the same chance at a good life as the rest of us,” he added.

You can find out more about all the charities the celebs have chosen here.

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