‘That Was The Moment Our Lives Changed’: Jess Eva’s Incredible Journey

She’s been the shoulder many celebs have cried on but on Tuesday night, we finally got to hear more about Jess Eva’s life, career, and monkey bite.

While Jess has done her fair share of listening to the other celebs chat about their life and experiences, during an undies washing session with Dipper, Jess opened up about her rise to fame.

Admitting that she has resisted telling her own story around the camp because, “You feel a bit up yourself… everyone’s got such beautiful stories”.

Jess told Dipper how, growing up, her family wasn’t well off and she lived without electricity until she was about 18-years-old.

“People say it’s a bit unusual but, for me, it’s just normal,” she said.

With money being tight, Jess sacrificed experiences like her school formal or camp during high school. Eventually, she started her bowls career where she became a two-time national lawn bowls champion.

“Bowls sort of taught me to try your best and do well,” she told Dipper.

With that drive and determination, working in advertising in radio, Jess would leave demos of herself on her boss’ desk in the hopes of snagging a job on-air. Though she wasn’t very good, at first, she kept at it and eventually found a job in Bendigo.

“When I was there, a girl had a job in the Maldives and she said, ‘Do you want to be a radio announcer in the Maldives?’ I was like yeah, no worries!

“Then a few things happened there,” Jess said. “Got engaged to the bloke, broke up with him, went to India, volunteered in an orphanage, got bitten by a monkey in India so I had to come home and he had a breakfast show for me in Cairns. That’s where I met Norm.”

Norm and Jess eventually applied to be on The Block where they went on to win their season, but right before they made it onto the show Jess said she had started the process of setting up a cleaning business.

Buying the shirts for her business, Jess said fate had other plans and within a couple of weeks, Jess and Norm made it onto The Block.

“That was the moment that our life changed,” she said. “It was amazing how, if one person believes in you [it] starts this ripple effect.”

Pushing through and fighting to make it for herself, Jess continues to feel a sense of pride when her son needs money to go on a school camp.

“It’s really nice to be able to go, sure son - there you go. I just feel so proud when I can pay for those things without even thinking about it anymore.”

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