‘That Kind Of Thing Can’t Be Broken’: How The Celebs Stay Mates After They Get Out Of The Jungle

Despite competing against each other for the title of Queen or King of the jungle, each year the celebs form a tight-knit family.

Surviving together in the camp with the bare minimum, the celebs form close bonds with one another that last the test of time — and in 2020, even the test of border closures.

“Everyone who comes out [of the jungle] is like, ‘Oh you make best friends!’ And I was like… really, Mary? Really?” Tanya Hennessy told 10 play.

“But you do make really good friends! When you go through something like, kinda traumatic, you bond,” she said, laughing. “I think that kind of thing just can’t be broken.”

After getting out of the jungle and returning to Australia earlier this year, Tanya said she regularly keeps in contact with most of her campmates. Despite border closures and not being able to have a proper reunion with the whole gang, they’ve still kept close these past few months.

“I talk to Charlotte [Crosby] almost every couple of days! We voice message every three or four days,” Tanya said. “It’s super strange, I used to watch Geordie Shore and now I talk to her all the time. It’s so bizarre!

“She’s given me such great career advice, she’s younger than me but she’s so intelligent, she’s a businesswoman and she’s helped me a lot! In the jungle as well.”

Being in the jungle also gave her the opportunity to meet some celebs she never would have crossed paths with otherwise.

“Someone like Daisy [Dale Thomas], I never would have hung out or even known an AFL player, you know what I mean? And I talk to him all the time now. He’s great,” Tanya said with a laugh.

“And Erin [Barnett]! I actually went back and watched her season of Love Island, I was like… you were crazy on that show.

“Rhonda [Burchmore] is such a wonderful human being… same with Miguel [Maestre], I see Miguel a bit — I talk to him a lot!

“It’s like a special thing, as weird and scary and traumatising as it is, I’d never give it up,” Tanya said.

“It was one of the best things I’ve done."

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