'Tarred And Feathered': Dicko Discusses His Infamous Gold Dress Comments From Australian Idol

The OG bad boy of Australian Idol admits he'd be "tarred and feathered" if he made comments like that today.

Dicko was part of the original judging panel for Australian Idol but back in 2003 when former I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here star Paulini Curuenavuli was competing, he made some ruthless comments that haunt him still to this day.

After Domenica Calarco asked him about the scandal, Dicko admitted that he was lucky social media didn't exist back then in the same capacity as it does now, adding that he would have been "tarred and feathered" and "cancelled".

"I wouldn't be on this show now," Dicko said explaining that after Paulini had performed he had a split second to decide what he wanted to say. "I went through my mind, I could actually shut up because people are starting to like me now... I can shut up, or I can do what I said I would do."

The infamous comment was that Paulini should "choose more appropriate clothes or shed some pounds", which Dicko told his campmates were "very banal words which just sent the whole country into a tailspin".

Later, in the Tok Tokkie, Dicko spoke about how he no longer fires off barbs.

"I'm a straight shooter but, these days, I've had my arrows confiscated because it's just not worth it," the music producer said.

"I promise you, there are thoughts going on in this head on this show that I can't verbalise," Dicko continued.

"Would I say it today? No, I wouldn't, but I'm a different person today and the world's different."

Dicko was the first celebrity to arrive in the jungle, and it wasn't lost on him that the very next celebrity to arrive, Dom, was sporting a gold dress.

While he admits he's changed his ways when it comes to being ruthless, Dicko still isn't one to hold his tongue as we saw on Tuesday when camp erupted in its first fight.

In an attempt to make the newest campmate, Kerri-Anne Kennerley, feel more welcome, Dicko asked the camp if they could come up with questions to ask the TV legend. But Dom's question was simply to quiz KAK on why she was allowed make-up and the others weren't.

"Why don’t you try and find a way of couching that in a way that’s not overly combative and disrespectful," Dicko asked the former MAFS bride. A tense conversation then took over the camp with Dom storming off in tears, and Dicko chastised for his tone.

So much drama and we've barely even begun.

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