Snake Bite Challenge

Where did the giant gummy snake come from?

When Naz, Nat and Kris were challenged to eat a single lolly snake to earn a goodie-stuffed hamper for camp, they thought they were in for a treat.

The twist? The 'treat' weighed in at a hefty 12 kilograms. That's 26 pounds of sickly sweet gummy candy.

Im A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here

It had to be the easiest - and the most delicious - challenge yet.

But it wasn't long before the trio realised that they'd bitten off more than they could chew...

With a sugar-induced headache and a tummy full of gummy, Naz, Nat and Kris were forced to concede and return to camp without the prized hamper of goodies.

Better luck next time, guys!

You can buy this slithery-but-sweet snake here.

But be warned; this challenge is not for the faint of heart.