‘Sewn Into My Underwear’: Celebs Busted With Masses Of Contraband

Every season celebs become more brazen with their attempts to sneak contraband into the camp, assuming the many cameras won’t capture them.

While last year’s King of the Jungle Miguel Maestre shocked the nation by somehow concealing bags of chicken stock, spices, and three whole pomelos on his person, this year the celebs have gone for a whole new approach:

Basically, they don’t give a f**k.

Early in the piece, comedian Ash Williams revealed in the Tok Tokkie that he had managed to smuggle in a huge bag of instant coffee. Rather than sharing it with his campmates and trying to hide it from the powers that be, he freely admitted to having the instant nectar of the gods, and attempted to hide it from some of his campmates!

Eagle-eyed viewers also noticed Jack Vidgen and Abbie Chatfield calmly playing with a lighter on Monday night, which Abbie admitted she had sewn into her underwear before entering the jungle.

And while the celebs were living it up trying to surreptitiously shoot skittles into their gobs, the cameras saw all and an amnesty bin was sent into camp.

Giving the celebs just two minutes to consume what they could before surrendering the rest, all civility was thrown out in a race to get their last fix of sugar, caffeine, raspberries or even foundation. Thus kicking off the great Bertie Beetle Battle of 2021.

Having smuggled in a few of the classic chocolates, comedian Mel Buttle began offering them up to her fellow Red Team members.

“I found it weird when Abbie was like, ‘Can I have it?’ I was like wow, you’ve got confidence and skills in assertiveness,” Mel said later in the Tok Tokkie, adding, “I couldn’t think quick enough to give a polite answer so I went NOOOO!”

Then Mel uttered a sentence we hope will go down in history as one of the greatest Australian phrases of all time:

“I would have given Toni Pearen my Bertie Beetle… a whole one. To herself.”

Once again, Ash decided on a rather unique tactic during the surrender of goods, admitting to Grant that he was going to give up some of his enormous stash of coffee.

“I’ve got tons,” he told Grant, “I can’t drink it all in two minutes. Maybe I’ll put in a few sachets of coffee.”

Deciding he could trick the system by loudly announcing his plan, Ash gave up a few bags of coffee, keeping the rest of his stash a terribly kept secret.

We can’t wait to see what happens next.

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