Seven Ways To Survive Christmas, I'm A Celeb Style!

Christmas is the best time of the year, full of love, charity and sometimes, a whole lotta crazy!

Christmas gatherings can get a bit wild - like you're in a jungle, surrounded by animals who can't keep their hands off the cake table.

Not to mention the extreme Summer heat, flies that need constant swatting away from the food, and fights with family over the last bit of roast.

Don't stress though, we've got you sorted with seven ways to embrace (or survive!) the Christmas festivities, I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! style.

1. When you want to put up the Christmas tree, but the house is going to look like a jungle first

Putting up the Christmas tree is a messy feat! Baubles are scattered across the floor, loose pine needles are flying all over the place, there's so much tinsel you can barely see the carpet and more often than not, last year's expensive Christmas lights aren't working anymore. This can be a pre-Christmas nightmare, but the memories you make are worth it, so acknowledge the clutter and power through!

2. When all your rellos are talking to each other and you're left out

It happens, but the best way to deal with it is to take a page out of Justin's book and bring some sock puppets. We promise it'll provide quality entertainment - all day!

3. When all you want is food, food, food!!

Christmas is the one day of the year where our stomachs turn into bottomless pits. There is no sitting back saying, "I'm full, I can't eat anymore". Rather, we eat ourselves into a coma and deal with the stomach pains we know we will have later.

4. When the lion cubs touch all the food with their dirty hands, but end up putting it back on the serving platters

There’s nothing better than rocking up to a Christmas event laden with food, ranging from juicy roast beef to sweet Christmas pudding. Nothing can put a dampener on the day, right? Wrong! Dirty little fingers scavenging through the food you're about to eat can definitely ruin the excitement. How can we possibly deal with this tragedy?! Just like Luke, avoid confrontation and eat though the pain.

5. When you open your Kris Kringle gift and it’s not what you wanted

Look, we all know there’s that one Aunty or Uncle everyone wants for their KK because their presents are bomb AF. But you won't get them every year, so just remain calm and collected, we don't need to act like animals.

6. When YOU are the best bloody gift giver in the world

Give yourself a pat on the back and stay humble.

7. When the trifle hasn’t been touched and no one is looking

If no one's looking, its totally okay to take it. Just don't get caught!

8. When your Mum is still serving up Chrissy ham in January

Don't get us wrong, leftovers are great... unless you're still eating them weeks later. Put on your biggest monkey face and share the frustration around, because there's a good chance everyone else wants something new to eat too.

9. When someone asks who ate all the leftover cake

There's nothing better than leftover Christmas cake and as the saying goes, the early bird catches the worm. Throughout this time of giving and sharing, share the blame (not the cake)!

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