‘Really Shocking Period’: Woody Whitelaw Opens Up About His Anxiety About Being A Good Dad

KIIS FM radio host Woody Whitelaw makes an emotional admission in camp around the birth of his daughter.

Back in October last year, Woody and his partner Mimi Gibbs welcomed their first child Remi and, while the pair are obviously besotted with their beautiful baby girl, Woody admitted that in the lead-up to her birth he struggled with anxiety.

“I hadn’t done any therapy or anything before my partner fell pregnant and I’m glad this did drive me to therapy but I went through this really shocking period where, as soon as Mim fell pregnant, I had this belief that I wasn’t going to be a good dad, and I wasn’t ready,” he told his campmates.

Adding that he was glad he acknowledged his worries rather than trying to bury them, Woody went on to explain that he realised how serious the anxiety of fatherhood was weighing on him so much that he was hesitant to even announce the pair were expecting. 

“I ended up going to see a psychologist to talk through that and the main thing we were working through was; why don’t you think you’ll be a good dad?” Woody explained. “At the end of the day, it was just the unknown. I don’t know what it’s going to be like.”

But the drive radio host also was quick to add, “As soon as she came into the world… I loved being a dad.”

Before leaving for the jungle, during his show with co-host Will McMahon, Woody opened up to Mim about his fears when going into the jungle, telling her that he was scared she might not remember him after he returned from his time in the camp.

Thankfully, Will was there to bring him back down to Earth, reminding him that it’s probably unlikely baby Remi will remember anything at all from this time in her life.

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