Q&A with Chris and Julia

Why hosts Chris and Julia can't wait to head back to the jungle

Q&A with Julia

This will be your third time back to the South African jungle. What are you most looking forward to seeing again?

The parties, no wait. That doesn’t sound like me. I am most looking forward to just getting to South Africa. The rest, I know from experience will be out of control on every level. It is so much fun.

We have all seen the celebrities doing it tough, but surely the jungle struggle is also real for you and “The Doctor?”

Well, the struggle is certainly real for my darling Docteur. He struggles with my snuggles.

What was the standout moment for you from last year’s show?

The standout moment for me would have to be Brendan Fevola being crowned King. I was dressed in the most heavenly white gown, handmade for me by Mariam Seddiq. The jungle was lush and the cast and crew were so excited.

Now that they know what lies ahead of them, why do you think celebrities keep saying “yes” to coming into the jungle?

If anyone speaks to past jungle campmates, they all say going on I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! was the experience of a lifetime. Our celebrities get an incredible opportunity to stop their lives for six weeks and think about where they have come from and where they are going to. The jungle is intoxicating.

Q&A with Chris

This will be your third time back to the South African jungle. What are you most looking forward to seeing again?

Two things: the animals and Julia. The work I do on weekends helping the local vets with the feisty local wildlife prepares me perfectly for my hosting job with the lovely Ms. Morris. What’s good for one works perfectly with the other.

Tell us about your South African office.

My “office” is basically a treehouse that’s been built by hand in the South African jungle. Every morning, it’s a 20-minute walk through the bush to get to “work”. While we often see chameleons, porcupines, baboons and snakes, if we get walked in with an armed guard, you know there’s a leopard around. That’s the one animal that legitimately scares the locals over there.

What do you think is at the heart of I’m A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!?

While the show has become renowned for its jaw-dropping physical challenges and stomach-churning eating trials, a shot of pickled herring isn’t the hero of the show, it’s actually what those challenges do. It really forces our celebs to decide if they are in it for their own gain or to help out the camp as a whole. And it’s generally those who put the needs of others over their own that get the respect of Australia and become the heroes...

What were your favourite moments from last year’s show?

My favourite moment of the series is the same each year. It’s the opening walk-in where one by one, the celebrities first meet each other. It’s always so beautifully awkward as they try to remember names, where they have seen them before, and then try to sort out where they fit in the celebrity pecking order. Keep a close eye on the body language and you can also pick exactly who might have secretly dated or hooked up before. It’s the best.