Peter Helliar Reveals He Initially Turned Down The Project

The comedian and former Project co-host revealed that he initially turned down a permanent seat on the desk.

Late last year Peter Helliar announced that he'd be wrapping up his time behind the desk of The Project after eight years to focus on his writing and stand-up.

But on Sunday night, Peter revealed to jungle campmate Woody Whitelaw that he initially didn't even know if he wanted the opportunity.

"When they asked me to do The Project I said no," Peter said, adding that it was his wife Bridget who convinced him to just go in and have a chat to see how he felt, joking that she was "probably sick of me being around the house".

Thankfully Bridget did give him that shove, and Pete became a part of the Project family, adding that the first time he did one episode he knew it was the right fit.

"I did one episode and I was like, yeah actually [it] feels pretty good... I did love live TV so, yeah, I said yes and ten years later," Pete said fondly.

While he first appeared on The Project in 2013, Pete took over for Dave Hughes full-time in 2014, making an announcement in November last year that he had made the decision to wrap up eight years on the panel.

During his announcement, Pete said, "I need to create some space for some projects that I want to work on... I feel like there are some new areas that I’m going into hopefully next year that I need to be present for.

"I think I'm heading in a new direction of developing projects not necessarily for me," Pete told Woody, "I don't necessarily need to be in front of the camera or the star of it, I'm happy to usher in a new generation of people, whether that's young people or... performers who haven't had those opportunities they deserve."

And while Pete is focusing on developing new projects, he also spoke about now having the time to tackle new challenges.

"I'd love to get a phone call from somebody saying, 'Do you want to act in this?' I'd love to be challenged by someone to say, 'This is something you've never played before, what do you think?'"

During the chat, Pete also told Woody about quitting his job at a bottle shop to film a pilot with Rove. Pete also revealed that Rove turned down a massive payday when network executives had a plan to keep him on the books but end the contracts of his friends.

"He said no, I want to do the show with my mates... eventually Channel 10 came through and put us on," Pete said, remembering some of the absolutely wild moments he had filming Rove Live, a show where the likes of Kevin Rudd was next to Sacha Baron Cohen as Bruno.

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