‘Naughtiest Celebs Ever’ Forced To Surrender Even More Contraband

Justice for fake boyfriend Pete!

The celebrities have once again been forced to surrender the many, many items they successfully smuggled into camp.

Not hours after the first amnesty bin went in demanding all contraband be handed over, luxury items from home were wheeled in for the celebs.

But not all was as they appeared with some celebs taking the luxury items as an opportunity to ‘trojan horse’ a few other bits and bobs.

“Enough is enough,” Grant Denyer announced to the camp, reading off the orders from the jungle gods. “The contraband in camp is out of control. There will be no more warnings.”

While many of the celebs behaved the FIRST time the amnesty bin was sent into camp and gave up all the goodies they had stashed throughout their belongings, the camp was still rife with more contraband than ever before.

Most notably Abbie Chatfield managed to bring half a supermarket with her, shovelled into her boyfriend pillow Pete.

A jar of Vegemite, some coconut oil, tins of salmon, herbs and spices, and cuticle oil were all stashed in Pete’s pillowy insides.

On Monday night, Grant and Travis Varcoe shared an extremely lovely moment bonding over a wooden music box Grant had smuggled in via his own luxury item of a percussion drum.

There was also the camp’s secret coffee stash that Ash Williams continues to whittle down, but once again it appeared that he planned to repeat his strategy of giving up half his stash, keeping the rest hidden in his backpack.

But it wasn’t just the food the celebs snuck into camp. Sadly for Abbie, Pete had to also be surrendered due to his implications in the crime of sneaking in frankly a remarkable amount of contraband into the camp.

“This is the important bit,” Grant continued to explain to the camp. “Any further breaches of camp rules will result in further punishment.”

You know what they say: Fool Dr Chris and Lady Julia once? Shame on you. Fool Dr Chris and Lady Julia twice? That’s still a shame on you.

Will more contraband be discovered? Have the celebs finally given up all their forbidden favourites? Or will Chris and Julia get the delicious revenge they’ve been craving?

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