‘My Kids Need Their Dad’: Beau Ryan Shocks Camp, Walks Out Of The Jungle

On Thursday night, Beau Ryan shocked his fellow celebrities by walking out of the jungle.

It has been no secret that Beau was struggling with life in the so-called Aussie jungle. The lack of food rations took its toll on the NRL legend and TV host very early on in the experience.

But on Thursday, Beau began to open up about the emotional toll it was taking being away from his family. Earlier in the day, Beau fought back tears as he admitted he was struggling being away from his wife and two kids.

Later that night, as the camp was gathered together, Beau jumped up to say a few words, admitting that he felt “broken”.

“The reason I did this show is to test myself, which I have. I’ve shown Australia the good, bad and ugly of me. I’ve shown them the real me,” he told his fellow celebrities. “I’ve had some moments I regret, I’ve had some moments I don’t, but I’m proud of everything that’s happened.

“I remember there was a guy that lived two houses down from me and the dad was always away for work and I don’t want to be that dad,” an emotional Beau continued.

“My kids need their dad, you know what I mean? My wife needs her husband and I need to find myself back at… I’ve got voices in my head saying… don’t give up, all these things I’ve been taught since I’ve been young, but I came in here to prove something to myself, I can’t gain anything else from this show so call it what you like, but my journey here is over

“I love you guys and... I’m a celebrity get me out of here.”

With those words, Beau’s time in the camp came to a halt, as his shocked campmates embraced him and sent him on his way Beau reflected on how in the past he has always tried to “tough it out”, but this was an experience that he couldn’t keep pushing through.

“This way I get to say goodbye to each and every one of you,” Beau told the camp, “I’ve made the decision, I can’t keep fighting. It’s killing me, man.”

Later, speaking to hosts Chris and Julia, Beau talked about his mental health in the camp, admitting that he already regretted his decision to leave but he still knew it was the right decision to make.

“As soon as I made that decision it felt like there was a weight lifted off me,” he said. Much like his decision to retire from rugby league, Beau said as soon as the thought entered his mind he felt the weight of the world release from his shoulders.

“I’m an advocate for men’s mental health,” he continued, “mental health in general, but I really struggled with it… I knew how it was in that headspace, I knew how I was and I honestly don’t know if I could push through it again.”

Beau is the fourth celeb in the show's history to call out 'I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here', joining Mel Buttle, Bernard Tomic and Anthony Mundine.

With his campmates obviously rattled by his sudden departure, will there be others who call out those eight words?

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