Make Your Own Scalp-erol Spritz Cocktail

If you’re after something chunky yet funky, fishy and dishy, we’ve got the perfect cocktail for you.

Serves 1.

Dubbed ‘the worst drink ever on I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here’, the Scalp-erol Spritz is THE drink of the summer.

With just a few simple ingredients you can find on the floor of any abattoir, this drink comes together quicker than you can say, ‘Dear God, what is that smell and why does it burn my eyes’.

Impress your friends back home with this taste sensation that’ll score them 13/13 stars.


For the drink:

Pig brain

Pig blood

Pig head (snout, jowls)

Fish brain


Dried hairy skin

A pinch of dog hair

'Mmm, yum!' - Not Paulini.


Grab a chilled cocktail glass and let it sweat itself up to room temperature.

Rim the edge of the glass with some of the pig blood, allowing some to run down the glass for added effect.

Combine the pig brain, fish brain, pig head, and pig blood in a blender. Feel free to add some liver to really bring out that blood taste. Resist the urge to over-blend as you’ll want this drink to be both smooth and chunky at the same time. More texture means more fun.

Pour your blended brain and blood into the glass and allow to sit outside in the so-called jungle heat for the better part of a day.

Just before serving, garnish with a dash of dog’s hair, just to really make things difficult to get down.

Knock it back as quick as you can, and return home to let your campmates know you’ve done the impossible and brought home a full suite of stars.


Please do not try this at home, even typing it out made us feel nauseous. Have a drink of water and re-think your life choices if you even considered it.

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