Kerri-Anne Kennerley Stuns Camp With Tearful Farewell, Says I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here!

On Thursday night, Kerri-Anne Kennerley made the emotional decision to end her time in the African jungle.

After calling out the words in a trial the day before, Kerri-Anne was immediately voted into the season’s first eating challenge alongside Dicko, Domenica Calarco and Woody Whitelaw. The trial revolved around balls of all kinds and from the outset, Kerri-Anne wasn’t keen.

When Dr Chris Brown and Lady Julia Morris told the celebs that to earn eight stars for the camp they would all need an all-or-nothing buy-in from all four celebs, it became clear that the campers would be going hungry.

Delivering four kudu testicles to the table, Chris and Julia said all four campers would have to consume their balls for eight stars, or they wouldn't receive any more stars than the three they had already won.

While the celebs attempted to convince Kerri-Anne to try the challenge, she refused. Seeing her decide to not even give it a try, Domenica began to challenge her, asking why she had even come to the jungle if she wasn't going to attempt the challenges.

Once again deciding to leave the trial, Kerri-Anne returned to camp to let the remaining celebs know what had happened and tearfully announced that her time in the jungle had ended.

Despite ending her time in the jungle early, Kerri-Anne still said she was happy she was able to experience life in the camp. "If we had camp life without the trials, it would have been fabulous," she said, laughing.

"I loved being in camp with everybody... [my] favourite moment, besides meeting and talking to every single person in there, there was a Q&A with Woody, Peter and Harry," KAK continued.

"To spend that time listening to three fabulous men of varying ages from 48-25 talk about their life, their feelings, their family and their aspirations - it was truly one of the most magical times listening to those boys."

Simply describing her fellow celebrities as "beautiful", the TV icon and legend went on to gush about her jungle family.

"Harry the boxer? What a beautiful soul. I adore him. It was so good to reconnect with Liz, who is just a gorgeous person with a wonderful life and family. She is just a great woman.

"Deb, who I hadn't met before, but what a great mother and soul. Peter Helliar, he and I had some funny discussions. Aesha -- what a gorgeous girl, the salt of the earth, just loves life."

As for camp itself, "The long drop needs an air freshener, but it was mostly the shower. The shower is cold and needs some sort of door. I know it's outside but there's no door," she said, laughing again.

As for her plans now, Kerri-Anne said she was most excited for "a really soft bed, a hot shower and a glass of wine".

One thing is certain, the jungle just got a whole lot less glam!

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