‘I’ve Got A Blue Tick On Instagram Now!’: Dipper Takes His DMs Out Of The Jungle And Into The Real World

With just moments separating him and the grand finale, Robert “Dipper” DiPierdomenico was flung from the so-called Aussie jungle.

The AFL superstar and Brownlow Medal winner arrived in camp like a force of nature, bringing with him the laughs, the snores, and the occasionally charred rice.

But it was Dipper’s ability to effortlessly bond with each and every one of his campmates that made him an absolute joy to watch night after night. From his chats with Jack Vidgen and eventual catchphrase of “Yes bitch!” To his ongoing in-camp talkshow Dipper’s DMs, where nothing was off the table when it came to relationships and, obviously, sliding into the DMs.

After his ejection from the jungle, Dipper told 10 play it was the perfect experience where he was just able to be himself, and watching the show back has been an equal thrill.

“Sitting back at home, you know sort of what happened… but when the contestants came back from their trials and explained what they did, and then seeing what they did were two completely different things,” Dipper said.

“Watching Toni walk up that 50-meter scaffolding… watching the Viper Room with Grant, sitting back and hearing what they would say about you and vice versa, it was really interesting.”

While many celebs would talk about how difficult some of the trials were, dreading when their name was called out by Chris and Julia, Dipper would always leap off his log and explode into a victory dance every time he was selected to go out for a tucker trial.

“If you’re not doing the trials you don’t leave the camp,” he explained. “It was doing my head in. I think from the first trial the day after I came in until my next trial was six maybe seven days.

“I was walking up and down the camp like a caged kangaroo,” he said, laughing. “When they said, ‘It could be you, and it is you Dipper’ I was screaming… and so was everybody else. ‘He’s out of the camp! He’s out of the camp!’”

When it all came down to the final Edge of the Jungle challenge, facing a double elimination Dipper clearly wanted to stick it out to the end, but when he and Adam Densten were ejected into a swamp he said he was more than happy for it to be his time.

“I was ready to go in a way… I knew that was the last trial but I thought I could count to 100, I mean really!” He said with a laugh.

“At the end of it we all knew it was a game and I told everybody at the start, look. This is a game, let’s go into it with open arms and if we go, we go. If we stay, we stay. It was all about potluck in a way.”

While he may not have taken out the top spot and the title of King of the Jungle, Dipper still won a prize worth boasting about.

“Ali Simpson told me she had 1-point-something million followers… I said that’s it, you gotta start Doing me or LOLs or whatever you call it and I’ve got a blue tick on Instagram now. I’m a celebrity!”

Dipper’s time in the jungle was in support of Outside the Locker Room, an organisation that provides mental health support and education to sporting clubs, schools, and workplaces across Australia.

You can find out more about Outside the Locker Room plus the charities the other celebrities are supporting and how you can donate here.

I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! returns for the grand finale Sunday, January 31 at 7.30