‘It’s Official’: Jungle Romance Heats Up As Maria Thatill And Joey Essex Pash In Camp

Things in the so-called Aussie jungle are beginning to heat up as Joey and Maria entered their very own pucker trial.

Since Joey Essex entered the camp, he and Miss Australia Maria Thatill have been eyeing each other up. And as their time in the jungle goes on the duo have shared a handful of experiences that have seen their bond blossom.

From their daring Tucker Trial that forced them into learning how to communicate with each other while in some of the most stressful situations, to cute campfire cuddles that have seen the pair share a bunk to stay warm in the wilderness.

On Tuesday, the camp was abuzz with rumours that things had been taken to the next level for Joey and Maria.

Emily Seebohm joked with Joey around the campfire in the morning asking him, “How was your kiss last night?”

Initially denying the pash, the truth soon came to light when Maria took her camp BFF aside to spill the tea.

“Yeah we kissed… it was a good kiss, it was nice,” Maria told David after the pair decided “it’s official” between our fave jungle couple.

Before heading into the jungle, Joey admitted he was a “single king looking for a single queen”, but could this be history repeating itself?

Back in 2013, Joey appeared on the UK version of I’m A Celeb where he became quite close with Miss Universe Great Britan Amy Willerton. After leaving the jungle Joey told The Sun, “When I first saw Amy, I thought 'salty potato', then I really looked at her and was like 'Woah, she's beautiful'.”

Now it appears he’s met a second salty potato that has caught his eye with Maria.

While Maria has been in the jungle, Joey hasn’t been the only thing on her mind, and since the season began Maria came out as bisexual.

On social media she wrote, “A lack of bisexual visibility for most of my life has meant that the experience was confusing and there were parallels to other experiences I had with social identity. Fear of falling in between the cracks, never fully finding a place in myself.”

In the jungle, Maria opened up about her experiences questioning her sexual identity, telling David that there had been times she had felt “bicurious” growing up.

Could ‘single king’ Joey have found his queen in Maria? Have the pair continued to see each other after their time in the jungle? We’ll have to wait and see if true love prevails or if one of them shouts ‘I’m a celebrity… get me out of here’!

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