‘I’m Still Shattered’: Adam Densten Misses The Grand Finale By Seconds

With just two challenges standing in the way of him and the grand finale, Adam Densten said he’s still not over the disappointment of being ejected from the so-called Aussie jungle.

On Thursday night, for their final Edge of the Jungle task, the celebrities just had to count to 100. The three celebs who were furthest away from the goal would compete in a head-to-head hellhole challenge where two would be ejected.

Having to place their hands in a box full of rowdy snakes without seeing inside, Adam, Abbie, and Dipper had to guess how many critters were in the hellhole.

Unfortunately, Adam and Dipper were sent flying into the swamp, narrowly missing the grand finale by literal seconds.

“I won’t lie and say I was happy to go,” Adam told 10 play over the phone, adding, “I’m still shattered.

“Last night it probably took me an extra hour to get to sleep because I was like, ‘Why didn’t I guess more snakes! How did I stuff up the seconds challenge!’”

Currently in Tasmania with his best mate Symon Lovett, Adam said after the episode they had sat around the dinner table testing his ability to count to 100.

“I got to 104,” he said. “I think that makes things worse! It could have been okay if I had completely cooked the challenge twice, but knowing I now know how long a second is will probably grind me for the rest of my life.”

Adam and Symon were the last to arrive in the camp, and only had a few days to settle in before they faced daily eliminations.

“We’re the guys who, when a bus turns up, we sit in the front seats because we’re the last ones on but that also means you’re the first one off,” Adam joked.

Watching the show throughout the 10 seasons the boys spent on Gogglebox Australia, Adam said he and Symon would joke about how easy it looked. So when the opportunity came up, the pair had no choice but to say yes.

“We couldn’t say no because it would have made us look really bad and really weak! We’re way too proud to do that, so we thought we had to give it a crack.”

Arriving late, the duo received a somewhat frosty reception from the celebs who had been in the camp from day one, which Adam chalks up to their first tucker trial.

“I was strapped to that magician’s wheel and Symon was being dunked in oil, we thought ‘Oh this seems pretty easy… dunked in water!’ We genuinely didn’t even consider they’d throw fish guts and offal on us until they actually did.”

On their first walk to camp, Adam said it was around 35 degrees and 85 percent humidity.

“Turns out, fish guts and offal in heat and humidity doesn’t improve the smell, let’s just put it that way,” he joked.

“I don’t blame the campmates for being a bit standoffish, I reckon I would have been exactly the same.”

Heading into the camp as a duo, after Symon was ejected a few days before Adam he said it was a strange feeling “as a 30-year-old man to be pitied because your friend isn’t around”.

“Normally we do everything together,” Adam said, pausing as Symon shouted something in the background.

“He just said not everything, we don’t spend time in the toilet together.”

But being able to enter the jungle together not only made the decision to do the show a lot easier, but it also made it all the more special.

“You always have that thing to talk about in 20 years, and you know someone who really gets it,” Adam said.

“I would do it again in an absolute heartbeat. Next time I would want to go in from the start… I would have been happy to camp there for another three or four months!”

Adam’s time in the jungle was in support of HeartKids, an organisation that supports children with congenital heart defects and their families.

“My sister was born with a congenital heart defect and nearly passed away just after she was born,” Adam explained. “We had a bit of help from HeartKids when we were younger… so raising awareness, some funds, and some knowledge about the charity is definitely a massive plus.”

You can find out more about HeartKids and the charities the other celebs are supporting as well as how to donate here.

I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! returns for the grand finale Sunday, January 31 at 7.30