‘I’m Not On A Redemption Tour’: Davina Rankin Returned To Reality TV To Show Her True Self

After being slammed as a ‘villain’ in her season of Married At First Sight, Davina Rankin was obviously wary to return to the world of reality TV.

Entering the jungle for this season of I’m A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!, Davina spent her time in the camp discussing how her time on MAFS had affected her life, admitting that she could barely leave the house for months after the show had gone to air.

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So making the decision to head into the so-called Aussie jungle was not a decision Davina took lightly.

“I built a very comfortable comfort zone over the past four years, only doing what I want to do and not having to be out and talking about MAFS, bringing that kind of stuff up,” she told 10 play.

“I knew putting myself back out on a public platform like that again opens me up to all different kinds of scrutiny, judgements and opinions and I wasn’t quite sure if I was ready for that, but it was just amazing,” she continued.

“The amount of beautiful, positive comments and messages I’ve received just makes it all worthwhile, and it takes away that little bit of PTSD that I’ve had for the last few years. I really feel like I’ve closed that chapter.”

Davina said one of the biggest differences she saw between MAFS and her time in the jungle was how she was given the space to really have her say.

“With MAFS, if I was to say something, it gets thrown completely out of context,” she said, “you don’t really get to see a full conversation, it’s just unheard of for you to see a full conversation without it getting chopped and changed.

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“On I’m A Celebrity, if I’m sitting down and having a conversation with someone, they’ll play that whole thing out and just focus on what you were saying… It’s just really nice,” Davina continued. “It’s not like I’m on a redemption tour or anything like that, I’m just glad people got to see me for who I am, Davina from Brissie. That’s all I wanted.”

Having faced the fear of being back in the spotlight and public eye, Davina realised that the longer she tried to block out her experiences on MAFS the longer they would linger around.

“I’m glad I got that out and away, and I conquered my fear of putting myself back out there. I’m ready for more, I’m ready to conquer whatever I have to.”

While she was sadly the first celebrity ejected from the jungle, Davina made the most of her time in camp, creating close bonds with her fellow celebs and conquering one of her greatest fears.

“Creepy crawlies and stuff like that don’t worry me too much but heights freak me out,” she admitted. “I knew they’d throw me out of something or make me climb something,” Davina added.

During the Mile High Club Tucker Trial, Davina not only faced her fear of heights but she tackled one of the most difficult and physically taxing trials so far.

“Firstly, I actually haven’t climbed a ladder in a really long time so, just climbing [the tower] itself is actually quite hard,” she said, laughing, “so that was a workout! Let alone being however high it was, the whole thing was swaying. It was terrifying!”

Getting into the zone, Davina remembered her campmates back in the jungle, especially Beau Ryan and Joey Essex, whose hunger has become almost an obsession. Climbing to the top of the tower and taking an almighty leap off it, Davina brought home a full suite of stars for the camp.

And while she surprised herself with how she was able to push through, the biggest surprise of the whole experience was just how much she enjoyed her time in the jungle.

“Don’t get me wrong it was hard, it was cold, it was dirty and it was smelly. It was all of those things but it was amazing,” she said.

“I grew so much, I made such amazing friendships and it’s just an experience I’ll never be able to have again, so it was just really, really great.”

Davina’s time in the jungle was in support of Mater - Little Miracles. “They do amazing work with premature and sick little babies,” she explained. “They work really, really hard to find cures and they really support the families as well. They’re just an amazing cause and they need all the help they can get.

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I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! airs Sunday to Thursday at 7.30 on Network 10 and on demand on 10 play