I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! Returns to TEN

Prepare for more laughs, gaffes and giraffes as a new batch of stars head back to the jungle in a bid to win money for their chosen charity.

‘Teen sensation’ Julia Morris and her (alleged) paramour Dr Chris Brown will travel back to the South African jungle in 2016 as hosts for the second season of I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! on TEN. Once again, the only show on television to show Marcia Brady in a vat of elephant dung will air live across Australia.

In celebration of this announcement, we look back on five things we loved about the first season…

5. Big Bad Baz

I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here

AFL superstar Barry Hall entered the jungle as the tough guy – not shying away from any challenges, mock fighting and earning stars. But he earned a lot more fans when he showed his more sensitive side – talking about homophobia in sport with Joel, admitting to a fear of heights, and expressing his deep, heartfelt concern towards his bed. 

4. The star-crossed lovers – Joel and Chrissie


Joel and Chrissie were like an old married couple. They did everything together, from chatting in the Tok Tokkie to taking the ‘Dreadfall’ challenge. Joel: “I’m going to say the word and it’s going to make me puke a bit… but we’re soul mates.”

3. Flatulent Merv

Merv Hughes is a man’s man – all about beer, cricket and great banter. Unfortunately for his campmates much of his banter came from the wrong end. His laissez-faire attitude to bodily emissions earned him much love and scorn (like when Chrissie entered the bathroom after Merv).

2. Mischievous Freddie

I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here

The eventual king of the jungle was a cheeky sort. He was always down for a laugh, poking fun at every situation and lightening the mood. His ongoing bromance with Dr Chris Brown was a series highlight. They went through thick and thin together – like when Freddie gave him a slimy hug and when Chris tried to drink Freddie under the table (with a disgusting concoction).

1. Amorous Maureen

Celebrity Slingshot

Marcia Brady surprised all with her raucous, adventurous and downright outrageous behaviour. Out on Tucker Trials she was a force of nature, scoring stars left and right… but back at camp she was a serial lothario. She cuddled, kissed and cajoled her way into the arms of Joel, Lauren, Chrissie, Barry and anyone else she could get her loving hands on.

I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! will return to TEN in 2016