I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here 2022: Massive Twist Revealed

Australia, Meet ‘The David’.

We knew a twist was coming, but we never expected anything quite like The David.

With Poh Ling Yeow first to arrive on the scene she quite literally fell through the Earth and landed in the middle of a tricky situation. Tasked with a top-secret mission, Poh would be the only celeb in camp who would know the season’s big twist: one celebrity was not who they appeared to be.

In fact, they aren’t even a celeb at all. A self-described ‘regular guy from the Goldie’, David Subritzky, aka The David, would be masquerading as a designer and social media ‘super influencer’ who launched his own brand of shoe, the 8 Inch Daves.

Helping the charade along, Poh pretend like she recognised The David from his comically high heels or his massive — but fake — online audience of 3.9 million.

For each day the duo is able to uphold the fib and convince the others that The David is just as much a celeb as anyone else in camp, the pair would win treats for their campmates.

But his secret identity doesn’t mean The David is going to have an easier time in the jungle, with Chris and Julia tasking half the celebs to throw themselves out of a chopper and take a selfie to earn their first batch of stars and their first meal in camp.

Thankfully, The David was able to change into more sensible footwear before the jump.

We cannot wait to see how this goes for Poh and The David. Can they fool the other celebs, or will someone sense that something is amiss?

I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! airs Sunday to Thursday at 7.30 on Network 10 and on demand on 10 play