I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here 2021: All The Clues For Who’s Going Into The Aussie Jungle

On Jan 3 a whole new batch of celebs will face their toughest challenge yet, right here in our own backyard.

Almost a year after Miguel Maestre was crowned the king of the African jungle, it’s time for the crown to be passed on to a new famous face.

But before we can see what Tucker Trials Dr Chris Brown and Lady Julia Morris have in store for our celebs, we first have to try and figure out who exactly they’ll be!

In the very first tease for the upcoming season, Chris and Julia sang us our first hints which included an AFL star, renowned chef and a pop star would all feature.

Now with just a handful of weeks to go until Season 7 premieres, the clues behind the identities of some of our celebs have started to roll out. So grab your magnifying glass and best detective’s hat - it’s time to start cracking this case!

We’ll be updating this story as we know more, so here are all the clues we know so far:

CLUE NUMBER ONE: A Renowned Chef

If you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen, and right into camp. A chef is always the perfect addition to any group of celebs in camp, especially when they’re dealing with an array of interesting ingredients and odd proteins, rations and the occasional "lucky" ostrich egg.

Here’s what we know so far: very little, but as Lady Julia said, “He’s going to cook up a storm,” so we can venture a guess that this is a male chef. Our culinary celeb will also have his work cut out for him as a celebrity chef currently holds the crown from last season. Can he make it two for two?


Celeb number two is known as “a true diva” so we’re expecting her to arrive in the celeb camp being carried on the backs of six shirtless men. Isn’t that how all divas travel? Just us??

The clue hints that we’d assume this celeb would be “ok with spiders”, which could either be a hint at their working with creepy crawlies in their line of work or a ruthless indictment of the entertainment industry.

CLUE NUMBER THREE: A Brownlow Winner

Fans of AFL will be glad to hear that one of the game's recipients of the Brownlow is heading into the camp next year.

The medal, which has been awarded over 100 times, is probably not going to come in handy during a tricky eating challenge but this sporting superstar might just have what it takes to rally the celebs and make it all the way to the jungle throne!


One of the biggest names on Aussie TV which Dr Chris described as "a man of many talents" is joining the jungle crew. But have you got any idea who'll be trading the small screen for small screams when they tackle their first tucker trial?

The rest of the clue hints that this TV star is "afraid of monsters", which makes us think he's either got some history with spooky things, or he's just really not a fan of a particular brand of energy drinks.


While the celebs struggle with detoxing from sugar, caffeine, their phones, and all the other comforts they're so used to, things can get a bit grim. Thankfully a comedian is heading into camp to lighten the mood!

The clue hints that this funny lady "is used to heating things up", which could mean she loves a good roast, she's gotten into her fair share of trouble or she's just mad for a microwave dinner.


What's better than one more celeb heading into the Aussie jungle? How about two! This next clue reveals that a duo will be joining the camp, but if this hint is anything to go by -- that might mean double the feathers ruffled.

Apparently, these two aren't just opinionated but are also "used to dishing it out... but now the shoe is on the other foot". But dishing WHAT out is the thing that has us stumped, and why are two people sharing just one shoe?


Things are about to get real in the jungle as our next clue hints that a reality TV star will be trading sponcon for spidercon as they head into the camp.

This clue hints at our reality star squeezing in one last manicure "before these claws come out". Could that be a pun on nails because they're famous for renovations? Could it be they're known for getting into scuffles? Could it be that giant puppet from The Masked Singer that still haunts our dreams?

We're no closer to cracking any of these clues, are you?

We’ll have to wait and see when these celebs are revealed on Jan 3!

I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! premieres Sunday, 3 January on Network 10 and 10 play